This is the storyboard I have for my animation. Before I could do this properly I needed to decide on what she would feel and a basic idea of what order it should be in. This is how it turned out.

Also while I do have a lot of masks ready to be sorted, the storyboard gave me a better idea of how many masks I should be needing for this project.


fiction storyboard

Since I couldn’t find this on the blog and it wasn’t in my folder when I was handing in I’ll put this up here now. While I was making this I only had to make two changes which was whenever the hand appeared I didn’t use that, and at the end part when you close your eyes and see someone walking to you. I cut that part out because I thought it would be better if you completely blacked out.

SAM_9050 SAM_9051 SAM_9052 SAM_9053 SAM_9054


A bit ago we were given a piece of text. We were asked to create a storyboard from it, while reading though I kept getting different ideas. Since I couldn’t think of a style I drew the ideas I thought of.

After the first talk though I was told that I should do different perspectives. I was recommended to look at the work of Edward Hopper. I had to think about different points of view, instead of making it look like it was straight on. After looking at his work I drew these. board5

I also made a start on the storyboard. After I did a bit I went away to do some other work however when I came back to it I didn’t like how it looked. I decided to make some changes and redraw the storyboard.

This is how it looked when I first started.

storyold1storyold2 storyold3

I have redraw these and im currently in the process of carrying on with the storyboard.