At first I was going to make the expressions from something then stick them on the mask. I scrunched up some paper and stuck them around the different eyes and mouth. I coloured them in with pencil but it hardly showed up. I also tried using Photoshop to colour them in but no detail could be seen.

While doing this I realised that I didn’t decided what I was going to use to colour and add detail in, as well as how I would be making the masks.


Tests on Masks

With the help of the manikin I made a couple of masks. One was painted so I could get a better idea of how bolder expressions looked on something coloured. The other one I didn’t paint, this was so I could test out some lights on it.

While I do like at how the lights look, the idea was talked about and decided that it wouldn’t work as well as I thought it might look.
I have also made some more masks, this was to play around with a few ideas and see if anything interesting happened with it.