Mask movements

This is how the animation should end up looking like. I was told to add more to the masks so instead of fully animating the masks I made the basic idea movement for them. I did it by itself at first then added the hand movements in. I then did a character that would help the mask show the current feeling it was showing. At first I made the character move to see how it would look, after that I put the two together to see how they would look together.


Red & Wolf

Ok going though my blog I only just noticed that for the project I had for Red and Wolf are not up. For some reason only the buildings in sketch up and the mini brief are up. I’m not sure how that happened however i’ll show more work from that project in this post.

The drawn buildings
SAM_7322 These are how I thought the buildings could look like. This shows the ideas while the others are showing close ups.

The Characters (both quickly drawn & final ideas)

Some of the items that will be inside
SAM_7685 – If no one can see this image clearly just comment and i’ll get a clearer one



These are the ideas I have come up with for character design.  So far I like how the bennie hat boy, bunny boy, super cat, badass girl and girl with rabbit have turned out. The ones i’m going to work on and use will be super cat and badass girl.

SAM_7315 Boy and Bennie hat boy.

SAM_7317 Boy2, girl and bunny boy.

SAM_7319 Night girl, thing, birdy, super cat and badass girl.

I like the badass girl and super cat, it was suggested to me that I could have a main and a sidekick to that character. I think i’ll do that with these two.

SAM_7320 Girl with rabbit, random kid, cold boy and the witch twins.

The girl with the rabbit has two different looks to her, one where her face is covered and the other where some of her face can be seen. The dress is different for her as well.