Making the masks

This is how I made the masks that the manikin head wears

First I wrapped a pair a manikin heads in cling film, this was so when I used the kitchen roll to make the mask it wouldn’t stick to the head and damage the mask or mark the head. I did this on both sides so I could get four masks once they finally dried. I did try covering the whole face however it fell apart and didn’t stay together.

Once the mask was ready I used a pencil to outline the eyes and lips. I then used pro markers to go over the pencil and colour the mask in.


Amy Johnson

My idea for my Amy Johnson project was to show information about her and her journey. I first made a few designs before deciding on how I wanted her to look. I also tried collaging her in with a map and train tickets, I liked at how the map turned out since it looks clearer.

My idea was to animate her getting to her plane, then she would fly the same route she took. The way she would fly would look similar to how it looks in the Indian Jones map part. It would also show some of the different things she did while she was doing this, such as when she met new people or had to fix her plane

These are a few test ideas of how she would move

Character appeal

 We where asked to create a character, before I got the sheet I was told by a classmate so i did a couple of drawings and faces. When i had gotten what we were going to to I picked the word clank out of clank weaver and Mort. After some research i started on my character.

For my character I have been given an antagonist for a teen/adult audience. The changes I would make for my character to fit this role would be to change the eyes. I wouldn’t have them as they are but would change it so she would have one eye in the middle. It would also have a faint red glow. I would also give the character a look like she is rusting to make it look like she has been not working for a very long time. This is so it makes you wonder why she was locked away to be never used again only to find out if you activate her for something reason. If she was given a voice then I would have it old static and barely audible, this is to add to the danger and scare factor. I’d keep her child like look because it would create the illusion that she wouldn’t be the bad guy until it was too late. If the character her on the hero side then I would take away the rust and voice type. Id change the stay to make her look more grown up.

(The research)

clank From Ratchet & Clank
Sound of something metal (tool) falling
A metallic sound, sharp and hard but not resonant: the clank of chains.
intr.v.clanked, clank•ing, clanks
To make a sharp, hard, metallic sound.
Sounds metal being

• A person who engages in weaving fabric
• Ploceidae, the bird family, Crevice weaver spider family, Orb-weaver spider family, Weever (or weever-fish)
Weaver, Alabama, USA, Weaver, Arizona, USA, Weaver, Minnesota, USA, Weaver, New Brunswick, Canada, Weaver, West Virginia, USA, Weavers’ Way, a long footpath, or trail, in Norfolk, England, River Weaver in England, Weaver Hills in Staffordshire, England, Weaver’s Mill Covered Bridge in Pennsylvania, USA, Weavers, New South Wales, Australia, Weaver building, Swansea, Weaver Settlement, Nova Scotia

• Weaver (surname), Weaver stance, a two-handed stance for use when firing handguns, The Weavers, a folk music group formed in 1947 by Ronnie Gilbert, Lee Hays, Fred Hellerman and Pete Seeger, The Weavers (1905 film), a silent, black and white documentary film made in 1905 by the Balkan film pioneers the Manaki brothers, The Weavers, English title of Die Weber, a play by Gerhart Hauptmann, Weaver, an abandoned ghost town in the 2002 film, Disappearance (film), Weaver (Stephen Baxter), the fourth novel in Baxter’s Time’s, Weaver, a style of mount used to attach a scope to a firearm or crossbow “see weaver rail mount”

The note sounded on a hunting horn to announce the death of a deer.
[Middle English, death, from Old French, from Latin mors, mort-; see mer- in Indo-European roots.]
A great number or quantity.
[Perhaps from mortal.]
(Hunting) a call blown on a hunting horn to signify the death of the animal hunted
a great deal; a great many
[possibly a shortened form of mortal used as an intensifier]
a note played on a hunting horn signifying that the animal hunted has been killed.
Obs. death.

Badass Girl & Cat

This is show both layers used. run-layer-examplerunning01 This is the first one i did on photoshop, I first used the mouse but then used the pad. This is why there are two layers, one thin and a bit odd while the other is thick. Using the pad is a lot easyer to use

This is Badass girl and cat, the characters I choose in Techniques. I have drawn them in different poses. These are just a few of them coloured in. The coloured ones were re drawn in photoshop using a drawing pad. On the post Character – Girl&Kitty I couldn’t decide on the colour for her shirt, I picked white because I liked it better and the people who saw it liked that one better.

These are the different poses I draw the pair in.



Character – Girl&Kitty

After deciding that I wanted to play around with the Badass girl and super cat, I redrew them on Photoshop and gave them colour. At first I tried out adobe photo shop so I could get used to moving it around a little and to see what kinds of shapes I could use. Untitled-1
This is what I got when I played around with Photoshop.
Girlandcat This is the girl and her cat.

I did two versions of the girl, one with her top red and the other with her top white. I’m unsure which one I like more but i’m thinking of going with the red since that gives off more of a danger look.
Girlredtop Girlwhitetop


These are the ideas I have come up with for character design.  So far I like how the bennie hat boy, bunny boy, super cat, badass girl and girl with rabbit have turned out. The ones i’m going to work on and use will be super cat and badass girl.

SAM_7315 Boy and Bennie hat boy.

SAM_7317 Boy2, girl and bunny boy.

SAM_7319 Night girl, thing, birdy, super cat and badass girl.

I like the badass girl and super cat, it was suggested to me that I could have a main and a sidekick to that character. I think i’ll do that with these two.

SAM_7320 Girl with rabbit, random kid, cold boy and the witch twins.

The girl with the rabbit has two different looks to her, one where her face is covered and the other where some of her face can be seen. The dress is different for her as well.