Tests on Masks

With the help of the manikin I made a couple of masks. One was painted so I could get a better idea of how bolder expressions looked on something coloured. The other one I didn’t paint, this was so I could test out some lights on it.

While I do like at how the lights look, the idea was talked about and decided that it wouldn’t work as well as I thought it might look.
I have also made some more masks, this was to play around with a few ideas and see if anything interesting happened with it.



For my FMP I will be doing a speed dating scenario that will focus on the expressions on the main character. At first the idea was going to be about a little witch who found a broom racing contest and decided to enter, however she had to learn how to ride one. The outcome was undecided on if she would win or not. When I explain my idea, I was told that it sounded like it was going into two different directions. I had to decide if I wanted the witch idea or the emotions idea, I went for the emotions since I felt I could get a lot more out of it. Before I decided on what I was going to do, I did a few quick drawings of how some of the minor characters might look for the witch idea.
https://rachieraye.files.wordpress.com/2016/01/old1.jpg?w=1462 https://rachieraye.files.wordpress.com/2016/01/old.jpg?w=1462

The idea of mainly focusing on expressions comes from the idea that actions speak loader then words. That you can say you’re feeling fine but you really feel fed up with the world.

Once this idea was sorted I found and got a manikin head, I made eyes and a mouth for it but it was considered too detailed. Less detailed features were made and were used, I also used some cloth for its hair. I also used a doll face to see how that would turn out.

I was also recommended to look at Dave McKean and his masks. I like at how different and unique they are.

fiction storyboard

Since I couldn’t find this on the blog and it wasn’t in my folder when I was handing in I’ll put this up here now. While I was making this I only had to make two changes which was whenever the hand appeared I didn’t use that, and at the end part when you close your eyes and see someone walking to you. I cut that part out because I thought it would be better if you completely blacked out.

SAM_9050 SAM_9051 SAM_9052 SAM_9053 SAM_9054


As part of our The Aesthetics & Symbolism in the Scene/Scenario brief    (https://hesiranimation.wordpress.com/2014/11/20/the-aesthetics-symbolism-of-the-scenescenario/) we had to choose one of the following characters/setting. I decided on the sins and festival street performance. After doing research (some on my Aesthetics and Symbolism blog) I started on design ideas and movement ideas. These are how they turned out. envy gluttony greed lust pride slothwrath

At a later date we were given a slightly different take on this, I had to pick 2 sins and they were to confront each other in a room. I choose Sloth and Wrath. After some ideas I chose to main sloth, the reason why I picked Sloth over Wrath was because I found that Sloth had a lot more interesting ways to create and play around with. It also was the one that I could come up with more interesting takes on how the sin could look. I am now practicing on how to draw some of the more less human parts. The goat legs and the body shapes of Sloths. These are some of the drawings. slothdrawing goat-legs1 goat-legs-2

Tests / sets

When I first made the sets they were just simple, these were first used to make sure the idea would look ok. I then thought about just using them and photo shopped details later but that would of taken too long. I decided to get different types of paper design and use them for the walls and floor. Some of the things I used were printed and then stuck on, the rest of the props were bought.



These were just some tests to see if I could make the doll look as if it was coming out of the mirror. Also just to see how the doors opening would look. I’ve decided for the door however that instead of opening it, it will fade to black. The reason for this is because of how I’ve made the rooms, also I find that this makes it a bit more creepy.


A few days ago I found a animation competition. When I found it, the date for the hand in was the next day (1st May) so I decided to go for it. The rules were simple, it had to be longer then ten seconds, you had to use the music they wanted and it had to involve either a bird bee or squirrel. It could be in any form of animation and it had to be posted onto YouTube. I’m not familiar with this kind of contest, so I did my best with the given time and the unfamiliar territory. Here are the forms I had to fill in and the animation result.



It is also on the website



A bit ago we were given a piece of text. We were asked to create a storyboard from it, while reading though I kept getting different ideas. Since I couldn’t think of a style I drew the ideas I thought of.

After the first talk though I was told that I should do different perspectives. I was recommended to look at the work of Edward Hopper. I had to think about different points of view, instead of making it look like it was straight on. After looking at his work I drew these. board5

I also made a start on the storyboard. After I did a bit I went away to do some other work however when I came back to it I didn’t like how it looked. I decided to make some changes and redraw the storyboard.

This is how it looked when I first started.

storyold1storyold2 storyold3

I have redraw these and im currently in the process of carrying on with the storyboard.

Fiction – Characters / Settings

Characters – Bloody Mary, your friend, yourself, a parent

Settings – Bathroom, hospital room. Inside the mirror = bathroom, hallway, couple of rooms.

Before starting on the designs, I wanted to test how well plasticine would work. I did a few basic designs to work off of and then used the material. I found that it was easy to put together and that it stuck together good as well. I noticed as I was drawing the ideas that she looked a lot like Samara from the ring and Kayako from the grudge. This is where research into how people viewed her image started. A lot of the ideas involved her bleeding from the eyes and was modern looking. While most interpretations was of an older women, people have designed her as a little girl.

back frontBack and front of the model. BM BM1picked-BM

These designs are of Mary. I chose the design above because it was the most liked and it felt the least like a copy of another design. The others are just a few ideas of how the sets, props and your friend could turn out. rooms other

Also just a quick note. While the story is the same I’ve changed the idea slightly with the outcome of your friend. Also the style of inside the mirror, at first I was thinking of making it with lots of mini mirrors but I decided to go for setting that look more like the inside of your home. Only more, creepy looking. This was because I thought a alternate version of your home would make you feel less safe.

Advertisement Animation and George and the dragon

When I did my first ad animation, it was mainly to see how the outcome would look like. Since I felt that it could work I made another hoping to improve on the idea. While slow I feel that this second attempt is better then the first try since I had a better idea of how things where going to look and turn out. This is how they turned out.

I have shown both outcomes and have been given some advise. Since I plan on using the second one, it has to have more frames. Not to make it longer but to make the animation flow better and not see the frame by frame work. Also I have to work on the text. Another thing is for the box itself, I need to make it look more like a breakfast box. So looking at how they look like will help with that.

Shortly after the ad animation we were given different tasks. Mine was to do a series based on the real story of George and the dragon. This concept was from the story like vibe from the ad. For this I have researched what I can from the real story, the origin of it and how it became the story we know today. While there are some parts such as his real job where unknown, the theory was that he was a shepherded. With how the story is known today is interesting, a lot of symbolise is involved. Examples of this are the dragon which meant the enslaved and terrified people of that time. While the white horse means courage that he had as he faced power of death. The real story of what made him a saint was his open faith and at how that led him to his death.

So far I’m thinking of doing texts with images. Since it is meant to be based for adults the imagery and language don’t have to be watered down to make it child friendly.