fiction storyboard

Since I couldn’t find this on the blog and it wasn’t in my folder when I was handing in I’ll put this up here now. While I was making this I only had to make two changes which was whenever the hand appeared I didn’t use that, and at the end part when you close your eyes and see someone walking to you. I cut that part out because I thought it would be better if you completely blacked out.

SAM_9050 SAM_9051 SAM_9052 SAM_9053 SAM_9054


Tests / sets

When I first made the sets they were just simple, these were first used to make sure the idea would look ok. I then thought about just using them and photo shopped details later but that would of taken too long. I decided to get different types of paper design and use them for the walls and floor. Some of the things I used were printed and then stuck on, the rest of the props were bought.



These were just some tests to see if I could make the doll look as if it was coming out of the mirror. Also just to see how the doors opening would look. I’ve decided for the door however that instead of opening it, it will fade to black. The reason for this is because of how I’ve made the rooms, also I find that this makes it a bit more creepy.

Fiction – Characters / Settings

Characters – Bloody Mary, your friend, yourself, a parent

Settings – Bathroom, hospital room. Inside the mirror = bathroom, hallway, couple of rooms.

Before starting on the designs, I wanted to test how well plasticine would work. I did a few basic designs to work off of and then used the material. I found that it was easy to put together and that it stuck together good as well. I noticed as I was drawing the ideas that she looked a lot like Samara from the ring and Kayako from the grudge. This is where research into how people viewed her image started. A lot of the ideas involved her bleeding from the eyes and was modern looking. While most interpretations was of an older women, people have designed her as a little girl.

back frontBack and front of the model. BM BM1picked-BM

These designs are of Mary. I chose the design above because it was the most liked and it felt the least like a copy of another design. The others are just a few ideas of how the sets, props and your friend could turn out. rooms other

Also just a quick note. While the story is the same I’ve changed the idea slightly with the outcome of your friend. Also the style of inside the mirror, at first I was thinking of making it with lots of mini mirrors but I decided to go for setting that look more like the inside of your home. Only more, creepy looking. This was because I thought a alternate version of your home would make you feel less safe.


For our Narrative Structure, we have now been given the fiction project to do. We can have our fiction based on something that already exists or try to make something up completely. Fiction is basically the opposite of non-fiction. Fiction is made up, not based on truth.

List of Myths
The Myth of Sisyphus
The Seven Wonders of the Ancient World
The myth of Pegasus and Bellerophontes
Calypso and Odysseus
The myth of Cassandra
The myth of Pandora’s Box

List of Fairy-tales
Hansel and Grethel
Beauty and the Beast

List of Urban Legends
Bloody Mary
Have you cheeked the children?
The missing bride
The chocking Doberman
Humans can lick too
Footprints in the snow
Himuro Mansion

– Main character goes into house for a dare and gets trapped. Needs to escape while a murder is inside with her/ same start only now must avoid the tormented ghosts of the urban legends.
– Characters play bloody Mary, bloody Mary shows up. Takes one character and other goes through mirror after to save them.
– Character and dog in home, discover someone after them. The pair must escape while being trapped inside house.
– Girl enters old home since she’s lost, several things try to get her, discovers a dead bride who hid in box, then must get out alive.
– escape the ghost ship.

Basic plots
While it’s called the seven basic plots there are more than seven. These are overcoming the monster, rags to riches, the quest, voyage and return, comedy, tragedy, rebirth, rebellion against the one and mystery. The last two aren’t as common as the others however over the years they have increased in popularity. All the plots can be put into five stages, these are anticipation, dream, frustration, nightmare, miraculous escape/redemption/achievement of prize and in the case of tragedy the hero’s destruction.

Overcoming the Monster – The protagonist sets out to defeat an antagonistic force which threatens the protagonist and/or protagonist’s homeland.
Rags to Riches – The poor protagonist acquires things such as power, wealth, and a mate, before losing it all and gaining it back upon growing as a person.
The Quest – The protagonist and some companions set out to acquire an important object or to get to a location, facing many obstacles and temptations along the way.
Voyage and Return – The protagonist goes to a strange land and, after overcoming the threats it poses to him/her, returns with nothing but experience.
Comedy – Light and humorous character with a happy or cheerful ending; a dramatic work in which the central motif is the triumph over adverse circumstance, resulting in a successful or happy conclusion.
Tragedy – The protagonist is a villain who falls from grace and whose death is a happy ending.
Rebirth – The protagonist is a villain or otherwise unlikable character who redeems him/herself over the course of the story.

More detail in the ideas.
– The main character is dared to go into an abandoned looking home. They go inside and everything seems normal at first. When they head further inside they discover that they are in trouble as this isn’t a normal home. Different urban legends are in the home, the main character must get out alive while avoiding the mini urban legends while mainly trying to escape the murderer that’s also inside with them.
.Character POV
.Have different urban legends that encounter in the rightful place (if it’s based in bedroom then event in bedroom, bathroom event in bathroom etc.)
.story from start to end

– Two friends are playing the game bloody Mary, at first it doesn’t work, the more daring one thinks they did the wrong version and does another one. At first nothing seems to have happened but bloody Mary makes her entrance and takes them away. The other one decides to go after them, ends up in a mirror like place and must both find the missing friend and avoid being killed by Mary.
.At first it shows both of them as go into mirror world switches to character POV
.Also try character POV thought-out the animation
.Takes the different versions of bloody Mary. (The one that doesn’t work, the one that works and different versions mushed into one as the character is in the mirror)
.The story starts at the end as the pair are battered and bruised, someone comes in concerned and the pair looks

– Starts of like the story humans can lick too however the dog doesn’t get killed. However it is injured, it try’s and warns it’s sleeping owner, only getting them out of bed when the intruder makes an entrance. The pair then try to escape but find they are trapped within the home, they phone the police and after it’s a matter of staying alive until they arrive.
.Dog is main character
.Has a clock tower element to it where they can’t fight the killer and all they can do is hide.

– A lost girl enters a home hoping for some help and directions. She finds it empty and decides to stay for a while. While exploring she discovers the body of a dead bride, she tries to escape the house before the bride gets her. She must also avoid the other trapped urban legends/ghosts as well as find out how and why she died.
.Character is little girl
.Character POV when hiding from ghost

– The characters are in a life boat lost at sea, they find a ship and board it glad to have been found. They soon find out that this ship is a ghost ship and that if they don’t escape by sunrise then they will become part of the crew.
.One of each character (male female white coloured etc.)
.None of them would be classed as main character – ways they could be animated.


While drawing out the storyboard I came across some events that I felt shouldn’t be in, they either felt to dark, not very important or felt like it was a repeat of another event just with different people. Once I had finished I went over it again and took a few more out. I have also gone though my idea and been given a suggestion that would help save time. Rather then draw the animation, I make it into a collage animation. I feel like this is good idea, so the plan is to get the images together and draw anything in that I couldn’t find or wouldn’t look right if it was a image over a image. To help be get a better idea of how a collage animation might look, I looked into if anyone else had made one.

Once that was done, I printed the images needed and made a start on the animation. I did a few when I thought that what I was doing could be done on Photoshop. At the same time however some effects looked nice with how I was making it. With this in mind I wanted to see what could be done if I used Photoshop to make the images. After being shown what I could use to make some of the effects I came out with these.
mask3.jpgdvfs mask2.jpgbxf mask1.jpgdgfs

I also placed a image on the box. Seeing how this turned out I might have to make the boxes, then animate using stop motion.

With the same images, this is how my idea looked before thinking to test with Photoshop. collage collage2 collage1

Non Fiction – Boxes

For my non fiction, I have chosen the events and how I plan to create it. I will be using the box idea. First I decided on which box I wanted to use, this was done by getting different types and testing them. The first thing I noticed about these is that the plastic one is not photogenic, you can barely see it when a photo is taken. This is why straight away I knew it wouldn’t work in this project since the box had to be seen. boxtry1
Also while deciding on the type of box I wanted to use, I tested to see how they would move. Since the boxes moved when the year changed this was important to figure out. It also helped me by showing me how the chosen box would move and how it would be animated.
After trying these out I have decided which one I would like to use. The reason I chose the first box idea is because I felt like that would work out better in capturing the idea of time since it drops in and has more sense of direction rather then the stiffness the other ones gave.

Non Fiction Ideas

For my non fiction I choose to do a timeline of events both bad and good that has happened in the world. After choosing the time period (2000-2010) I began looking at the events and cut them down. I then changed some events again so I would have more balance of good and bad. I have also looked at different ways of how I could create this into a animation. One if my ideas was to use some kind of shadow silhouette based idea, that idea devoloped into this
boxidea1 The idea was to have 3 layers one in the front back and middle, the front had all the important stuff happening while the back had the dates and times. The middle was going to either add on the one event or act as another but less important one.
Another idea is this one boxidea2 It was going to be split into 3 parts and act similer to the 24 split screan effect.
The idea for this one boxidea3 is that it starts with a set amount of boxs and the events show in the boxs. As the years pass the boxes with either gain a few or lose some depending on how many events are showing.
This one boxidea4 is the events and times are gently falling down, I got this kind of idea from Zelda Wind Wakers credits (4mins 5secs

This is just a close up of what will be seen in the chosen idea boxidea5
This is just a few ideas I thought of to keep track of the year and date. boxidea6

Non Fiction

Non Fiction means something that is real not made up, it is based on facts. This means that you can have a lot to work with, examples of non fiction would be historical events, a biography even your own autobiography. Ideas such as using jobs can create non fiction, articles in newspapers also qualify because it tells you what happened on the event you are reading. Documentaries are also this since they tell/talk about animals people ect. Sometimes they talk about how the world might end or the changes we might encounter, at first this might seem like fiction but they tell us events based on how the earth has changed and reacted in the past and how that could effect the future.

At first I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do so I made a list of ideas which ended up looking like this
History –
letters in the wars,
black death (or any other event like that)
any big changes (e.g. place free, votes for women)
climate change
Jobs –
Job lose

After much thought I decided to do big historical events, a timeline. After a talk and it proving I could take forever since there is a lot of history to choose from I decided to look into the diffrent decades and pick one and research it.