As part of our The Aesthetics & Symbolism in the Scene/Scenario brief    ( we had to choose one of the following characters/setting. I decided on the sins and festival street performance. After doing research (some on my Aesthetics and Symbolism blog) I started on design ideas and movement ideas. These are how they turned out. envy gluttony greed lust pride slothwrath

At a later date we were given a slightly different take on this, I had to pick 2 sins and they were to confront each other in a room. I choose Sloth and Wrath. After some ideas I chose to main sloth, the reason why I picked Sloth over Wrath was because I found that Sloth had a lot more interesting ways to create and play around with. It also was the one that I could come up with more interesting takes on how the sin could look. I am now practicing on how to draw some of the more less human parts. The goat legs and the body shapes of Sloths. These are some of the drawings. slothdrawing goat-legs1 goat-legs-2



A bit ago we were given a piece of text. We were asked to create a storyboard from it, while reading though I kept getting different ideas. Since I couldn’t think of a style I drew the ideas I thought of.

After the first talk though I was told that I should do different perspectives. I was recommended to look at the work of Edward Hopper. I had to think about different points of view, instead of making it look like it was straight on. After looking at his work I drew these. board5

I also made a start on the storyboard. After I did a bit I went away to do some other work however when I came back to it I didn’t like how it looked. I decided to make some changes and redraw the storyboard.

This is how it looked when I first started.

storyold1storyold2 storyold3

I have redraw these and im currently in the process of carrying on with the storyboard.

Advertisement Animation and George and the dragon

When I did my first ad animation, it was mainly to see how the outcome would look like. Since I felt that it could work I made another hoping to improve on the idea. While slow I feel that this second attempt is better then the first try since I had a better idea of how things where going to look and turn out. This is how they turned out.

I have shown both outcomes and have been given some advise. Since I plan on using the second one, it has to have more frames. Not to make it longer but to make the animation flow better and not see the frame by frame work. Also I have to work on the text. Another thing is for the box itself, I need to make it look more like a breakfast box. So looking at how they look like will help with that.

Shortly after the ad animation we were given different tasks. Mine was to do a series based on the real story of George and the dragon. This concept was from the story like vibe from the ad. For this I have researched what I can from the real story, the origin of it and how it became the story we know today. While there are some parts such as his real job where unknown, the theory was that he was a shepherded. With how the story is known today is interesting, a lot of symbolise is involved. Examples of this are the dragon which meant the enslaved and terrified people of that time. While the white horse means courage that he had as he faced power of death. The real story of what made him a saint was his open faith and at how that led him to his death.

So far I’m thinking of doing texts with images. Since it is meant to be based for adults the imagery and language don’t have to be watered down to make it child friendly.

Aesthetics and Symbolism

firefly the 10th character. – They tried to make it a home and feel real by having the sets linked with each other. They also used wanted to make each room associated with a character such as the character Kaylee, they had her with the engine room. From this they used colours (a rusted up brown) and props that looked earthy warm sexually and optimistic.

With name of the rose a few things were mentioned, that being the deformity and how people looked along with how it wouldn’t be what it was without the murders. The deformity brought on the discussion that ugly tends to show the evil person while the good looking guy is the hero. This would make you think, must you truly be evil if you are not pretty. The name of the rose has a way of showing this idea trough the colours. However in some roles such as beauty and the beast and the hunchback of Notre Dame they are revised showing the bad guy nice looking and the ugly the good guy, this however is not common and has clear messages saying don’t judge. While one of us watched name of the rose, a very long engagement it was mentioned a running theme of being cut off. From the wires in the tranches to the lady having her hair cut off the movie sounded that it was filled with symbolism of being cut, not able to reach what they want.

In a way to show off symbolism and aesthetics we were asked to develop scenography, cinematography, design and design palettes for a range of characters/settings, scenarios, moods and atmospheres. From the lists given I picked Seven deadly sins with a costumed mobile festival street performance (night).
The first thing to do is know what both subjects are before looking into colour, symbolism etc. The seven deadly sins are Wrath, Sloth, Lust, Gluttony, Pride, Envy and Greed. They are moral wrongdoings according to people who believe in god. The meanings we have come to know about them are Lust-intense desire. Gluttony-consuming lots of food. Greed-more desire in getting more of what we already have (e.g. money) . Sloth-laziness. Wrath-anger. Envy-wanting what others have that you don’t. Pride-inordinate self-esteem. A costumed mobile festival street performance is just as the name says. It’s a festival with performers on the streets.

While researching I found this little piece about male and female sins and who did which one more.
I also found what they believe the colour and animal represents in the sins as well as the punishment you will suffer if you commit any of them.
Sin Punishment in Hell Animal Color
broken on the wheel Horse Violet
put in freezing water Dog Green
dismembered alive Bear Red
thrown in snake pits Goat Light Blue
put in cauldrons of boiling oil Frog Yellow
forced to eat rats, toads, and snakes Pig Orange
smothered in fire and brimstone Cow Blue

A lot of people have done different versions of the deadly sins. While people have done their own versions of how they think the sins look like others have taken already made characters and decided which sin is who and why.
Example of a fan theory with the sins and an already created cartoon.
Example of someone idea
Example of sins as characters in anime (FMA)
Taken from tv tropes – “Orthodox Christianity, interestingly, adds an eighth sin: Despair. You often hear people talking about “succumbing to the eighth deadly sin” in old Russian novels as a result.
Technically, in its original form when created by Evagrius Ponticus, there were eight Deadly Sins, including Despair, yet it did not have Envy (Despair took that role) nor Lust(Prostitution took that role somewhat explaining why Lust is often embodied by beautiful women). Instead, it had Vainglory/Deceitful Boasting as the eighth, separate from Pride. The three worst sins are Wrath (3rd), Envy (2nd) and Pride (1st)”


After looking into the deadly sins I decided to research some costumed mobile festival street performances.


For this project we have to create a TV ad. We pick one scenario we thought of before and work on that. I didn’t known which one I wanted to do, out of one from the basement and the found object. So I gave both of them a quick idea, using the basement idea with the chocolate and the found object with Breakfast Cereal. Once going over the ideas it was clear which one I wanted to try and that research needed to be done. I have picked the cereal/found object one. Another thing that was discussed was how to animate this, so I looked at the work of Garri Bardin. A example of his work
I’m also thinking of using the style by PSE which has done adverts such as this one.

While looking into these ceareal ads I have found that a lot of them like to add singing in, they also make sure to praise the product a lot. They encourage the viewer by saying things such as your kids will only love this or that it can help you lose weight etc. The ones that have been going on for years such as Kellogg’s have also gained a well known mascot (Tony the Tiger)

Here are some examples I found while researching


A while back we got some homework for acting and Audience. It was to create scenario’s (Balloon, Found object, Animal Familiar, Basement and boat in the sea) and product names (A power tool Breakfast Cereal, Moblie Connectivity/Internet access, Brand Training Shoes, A Chocolate Bar).

The Balloon
• A balloon has been bought for a young child. The child loves this balloon and takes it everywhere. As it slowly loses air the child doesn’t notice until the balloon can no longer stay in the air. The child is sad but gets another and the process it repeated.
• A balloon has flown away from its owner. The owner tries to get it back but doesn’t succeed. It then goes on its journey, going where ever the wind takes it. It goes high and far moving slowly, watching the fast paced lives of the humans below.
• A balloon is bought from a happy looking shop. It then follows the owner as they exit the shop, make their way from the quiet town and into the car. The balloon then exits the car and its now dark, it enters a building that looks gray and dull. It then enters a room, sees a child in bed. The child looks, sees then smiles as the room brightens up showing the kid is now happier.
• A balloon that hasn’t been blown up yet, is blown up. It gets bigger and bigger and starts to look as if it could pop but it doesn’t. It looks like its past its limits but carrys on growing until it is shown the it wasn’t meant to be a small balloon but a hot air balloon.
• A balloon is blown up. It then gets twisted and turned becoming something. It then twists again forming into something else, it does this again and again. In the end it goes back to its original shape.
• A army of balloons are sent up into the sky. Each of the balloons has a letter, once the extras have moved around and out of the way the word congratulatons can be seen.

The found object
• A group of friends are hanging out at an old house. Being daring they head in and search the place, its old creepy and they are starting to get scared. Just as they are about to leave they come across a hidden door, on a gut feeling they go in and find a big empty room with the only object that could be found in the place. A old mirror.
• An old women is in the attic, looking at her old items she starts to remember her youth. She gets sad because the only thing left of her mothers has been lost for years. She looks around some more and feels somthing against her foot, an old box. Apon opening the box she finds the one object of her mothers.
• After a long night of drinking the drunken person finds theie way home. They soon realise that the key to get in is nowhere to be seen. After a while of looking unsuccessfully, they give up knock a flower pot over and find the key.
• Its raining heavy and soon knocks the power out. Not being able to see a thing the person feels around to make there way to the other room. They feels around somemore and find what the object they needed, a torch.
• A child loses theie favourite toy and the parent looks all over for it. Just as they feel they have looked everywhere they trip over the object they have been looking for.
• A group of children make a time capsule and map. Years later when they are all grown up they meet up, follow the map and find the old objects of their childhood.

The Animal Familiar
• A witches familar wants attention but not getting any. Annoyed the familiar hides potions and other important stuff. The witch confronts the cat, they make a deal that the cat gets more love and the witch can get her stuff back.
• A animal familiar finds your soul after you have died and kindly leads you to the after life, if you have been good the way is fun and rewarding an if you were bad the opposite happends.
• To not have a familar is bad luck so not having one is bad. The person sets off to find one, coming across the different types. In the end the first one that offered to help becomes there familier.
• A familiar sets out on a adventure to find out where they belong only to find out that the place and job they had is where they belonged all along.
• A familiar stands up to the corrupted familiar, they try to make them good again but fail. They soon accepted that not all of them are good and sometimes they need to play the bad guy.
• A young witch is getting her familier however they all reject her. She comes across and helps at cat before leaving. The cat follows and protects her from the shadows, its cover is eventually blown and the two become partners.

The Basement
• A basement is made into a bedroom, its starts off well but as time goes by strange things happen. They look into and find that a murder happened and that the ghost is not happy. They then do their best to ease the ghost and set it free.
• A group of people want a party and decided the basement is the best place to have it. They spend all day getting it ready for the night and have a good time.
• In the middle of the midnight man game the people end up in the basement, they break a rule and find themselfs locked in. They then have to play the rest of the game in the basement.
• The basement is turned into a art studio. It gets filled up with equipment and work over the years and shows the changes in the basements style, themes etc.
• Wanting to scare their friend, they buy a coffin and other props. They place everything into the basement and set it up. They convince their friend a made up story is true and take them down, they then go onto scaring the friend with a dead body rising and different scares.
• A basement is flooded and all the items there are destoryed. Photos ruined, any eletronices broken, toys get damp and mouldy the floor is also ruined.

The boat on the sea
• A small fishing boat just floating around. Not much fish is being caught, not many are about but the people don’t care since this is the first time in a long time they have bonded.
• A family are on a boat at sea. What seemed like a good idea at first turns out bad. There is fighting and people finding out they are sea sick and it starts to rain. The family agree to leave, go home and never speak of this again.
• A ship has sank and people are now on little boats. They don’t say anything but how they look says everything, some have fear, some are sad and some are even excited from the adrenalin.
• Two people are racing around in a speedboat, meanwhile their friends are being pulled behind them doing all sorts of cool and dangerous tricks.
• A boat has been out all day and is now returning home. It is very dark so they are being carefully, they look at what they have seen/discovered/researched. They soon see the light of the lighthouse and speed up knowing where they are.
• A group of people are sat and looking down at the glass floor. They see a lot of different types of fish and sea life. The boat is strong and sturdy so any creatures tapping at the glass can’t break though.

A power tool – Tools for Fools (safety ones)
Breakfast Cereal – Milky treat
Moblie Connectivity/Internet access – Netagogo
Brand Training Shoes – Run a mile
A Chocolate Bar – Meltalisious

Acting in Animation

Acting in animation is important, we may not realize it at first but it is helpful when it comes to how movement looks and how expressions turn out. Looking though mirrors will help you with this, the lengh doesn’t matter as long as you can see your self. Although it helps to have different kinds since small mirrors can help focus on your face while a long full body one can help with body movements and such. If you act out your character(s) then it can help you understand your character better, you can better understand how they act, do they have any mannerisms, what is there purpose, the roll in life they will play.

Acting for animators
Become the character, get into your roll.
Communicate charatcer to the views, make characters feel present, lose yourself in the sceen, think though all possibilities and make the character feel as if a part of the moment
plan well, exploration, age, gender, experience, backstory

ED HOOKS – acting for animoters
Emotion leads to action
Acting is behaving believably in pretend circumstances
Watch how people do stuff
Inprov can help with the animating

Give yourself different limits (one hand gestures, no foot movements)
Different probs/places
Do it one they then do it again opposit (do one calm while the other loud)
Do the one sceen in differnt ways, you can get a completly different outlook on the character/s (time 2.55)