Video project

For my video project I went though a lot of different ideas before doing the one I did.

list of ideas
Opening to a movie
end of the world
fight scene
real life board game (a chess game with real people)
Break into something

After a lot of thought I decided to do a short film, and picked a break in. I made a list of possible places, who was going to be in, what was needed etc. As I was putting together ideas I thought of the idea to change it to a break in assassination just so I could make it a little bit more interesting. After thinking of the sounds and music my idea once again changed to my idea I have done, a rescue mission horror style.

I then wasn’t sure how I wanted to do the shots, a first person p.o.v or not. In the end I did both points of view (first person and 3rd person) so that way I had my clips to pick from. I didn’t plan a script or give much thought about the camera shots because my idea kept changing, when I did finally stick to the idea I knew I needed to be in a forested place or at least somewhere horror like and I knew what I wanted to happen. Another reason why I didn’t really plan anything is because I used the idea more as guild lines to the basic outcome of the idea. I found this way easier and more fun since I then felt I had more freedom to change it up. When I got the different shots together and put them in the computer to edit they disappeared so I had to re-film everything again. Although it was a pain to film everything again I did feel more organised when doing it, I also felt I got better clips to use. Since I had to redo the clips again I didn’t have as much time to to play around with what I had, this included what to do with the ending since I need something that looked abandoned. The idea was going to green screen since I couldn’t get into a abandoned place and go from there but because of the filming needing to be redone when it did I didn’t really have time to sort it out.

When it came to the ending, that was the only part I wasn’t sure how to do. I couldn’t decided between having it end fading to black as you hear noises or have it end after the credits where it somehow implies the person has been saved. The ending I did kind of leans towards the first idea but I thought that it would be better and be more effective if it ended before the person enters the abandoned place.

Some things that inspired me were looking into abandoned places, horror music/games and scary stuff in general.
This was made in premiere, while the credits where done in After Effects.

The credits are a bit hard to read, I made them the colour and half rubbed out to fit in with the horror style stuff.
Music/sound – Project zero 2/4, Soundbible
Camera – Rachel Ward, My Mother
Places – North featherstone cemetery, Clumber Park, Yorkshire sculptor Park



Animatics are basically storyboards that are animated. They are used to test industry commercials and also preview scans of live action before shot. They also are used in pre-production stages in animation and games. Over the last 10 years, animatics have become more sophisticated, they are also produced with the help of computer animation. Special visual effects are used in high end Hollywood productions. The art from the storyboard is rarely used producing a animatic, usually it’s too rough or not prepared. They can be produced in different ways, they start in a low tech manner. They film or type the storyboard, the footage is then edited to the audio. Some choose to test these by using photographs or video that could have been originally for something else. This is called photomatic, Videomatic or rip-o-matic is a animatic based around repurposed. Some animatic companies have developed their own computer generated 2d/3d art to use. With some figures looking realistic the expense of photographic models for tests are a thing of the past. HyperReal has been developed from proprietary techniques because of the animatic companies for 3d are.

Examples of Animatic


Production house & more typography

We had to come up with a name for our production house as well as decide on the type of font colour etc we wanted to have it in. I first went onto a few sites and have them genourate a few names, from they i made up my own as there came to me.

TIP – keep the name simple, attractive and powerful.
Exsisting names :
Names liked : Retrobee, Majedo, Gizic, Voiro, Jixet, Filowa and sloogan.
Names liked : freezeframe, Filmspin, Artart, braindream, Imaginiz, Videothic, Potatocouch TV, Starsign TV and slyfilm.
(other names for animation)
:Noun liveliness, energy, vibrancy, life, vigor, vivaciousness, dynamism, enthusiasm, excitement, activity, sparkle, spirit
cartoon, moving picture, animatronics, computer graphics, simulation ( )

1. ComputerCartoon (or CC for short)
2. Spiritenergy
3. AnimeToon
4. ToonAnime
5. Active Anime Picture
6. Cartoon Pictures
7. Sparkleation
8. MovieFlash
9. ClickClick
10. AnimateAway
11. Bluesation
12. Flashy
13. Movement
14. ClickThinkAnimate
15. AnimeZZ
16. PointClick
17. DayDreams/ing/ers
18. Dreamsavers
19. AnimateLife
20. Animate4Life
21. Livelife
22. Apple Animate
23. Booklet
24. Open book
25. Pokeimation
26. SliveringSloths
27. MyCartoon
28. Active energy
29. Graphic Pictures
30. Pictronics
31. Ambo
32. LiveNLearn
33. SimToon
34. DrawingAhoy
35. DrawnAlive
36. AnimationBlues
37. SparkleSpirit
38. CompAlive
39. Don’tDoThat
40. Drawings move company
41. YAYDrawings
42. Crazymoves
43. Penguin
44. Artist’s unite
45. Animations4U
46. Animations4U

From name genareter ( )
Skimbu, Leembo, Aido, Vilane, Phototags, Ainder, Skare, Dabbridge, Jaxbug, Mywire
Thought the slogon could help give name ideas out. – Think animation. / Come to animation and lets get it done. / The animation goes straght to your head. / Clunk Click, Every animation. / Animation, it’s everywhere you wanna be. / Animation take me away. / Animation is what we do / Don’t say brown, say animation / More than just an animation. / Show me the animation / I’m only here for the animation. / – The Orange Banana animation Company / White Book animate / The Hamster anime Company
Chosen name : Daydreamers
I chose this name because I thought that since me along with others seem to create what we do though daydreaming and thought that it would fit nicely.

This is what I found while deciding how to make the text work. Also a little bit more on typography – “ whats the diffrence between a font and a typeface? Creative producer Norbert florendo offers a very concise explanation : “A font is what you use, and typeface is what you see”

Eskapade –
Sirba –
Calibri (body) Adobe Hebrew Arial Algerian Chiller Ravie Rosewood std regular

Out of the fonts you can get in word I’d have to say that these two are the ones I like the most.
Ravie Rosewood std regular – A site where you can pick a font, colour, style, height, width etc.
examples – Green 04

Colour on colour (black BG goes with anything)
Yellow on green BG –have hard time reading.

( )

I have decided that the colour of the writing will be blue. The reason for this is because it’s a calm colour that stands out and gets noticed easy. Another reason for this choice is because I have called the production house DayDreamers and feel that it fits the name. Ive also decided that I’ll use the blue red colour combo if I chose to have more then one colour. The reason for this is that I like how these two colours together. I’m also considening using the colours blue and black together because they also work well together. The font is going to be bold to help it stand out some more. I like the ravie and rosewood font because they not only stand out but look kinda creative, they seem more advanturous then the others ive come across. The site cool text has an interesting selection of font to look at, out of the ones you can chose from the ones I like are Quicksilver, Rage, Snowman, Warp, Bad Acid, Frosty and Glowing Hot. Out of the ones I like I’ll be either going for quicksilver or ravie, my reasons for picking one of these is because the Quicksiliver kinda looks like paint and I like the effect it has. The reason for ravie is because its simple yet fancy and I think that it would fit nicely with the DayDreamers name.


Typography came from the Greek word TUTTOS (typos form) and Ypaqri (graphe writing). It’s the art and technique of arranging type from to make appealing to transparent learning and recognition. Typefaces, point size, line length, line space, tracking (adjusting spaces between group latters) and Kerning (adjusting spaces between space latters. Typesetters, compositors, typographers, graphic designers, art directors, comic book artists, graffiti artists and clerical workers are the type of people to use and will be familiar with them.

Typography helps to create experience for the users. It helps show what the site is about as it creates the atmosphere, as well as determine how people will respond to the site. It can be used to catch the users interest.

It has been an important part when it comes to advertising, it is often used to set the theme and mood. With bold large text to gain the attention of the audience and send a message. The colour and shape of the words are also thought of. 20th/21st century tends to be more experimental than traditional the using typography.

When it comes to Typography there are 4 key things that should be considered. Readability, Mood and Message, Font Metrics and Cross-Browser and Cross-Device Issues. For example readability is needed because people obviously need to be able to read what’s been put. Simple is better and the type should be kept clean and not over complicated. The headlines and pull quotes can be creative but the body should always be readable, the size also should be biggish. Another example with mood and message is because page elements, such as fonts portray mood and emotion, just like colour scheme and graphics do. For example heavy fonts can show strength while lightweight fonts give an air of openness and space. Adding colour can also be powerful when your add feeling to something being said. Other things to consider is Legibility, you can use colour as a tool and always add your own touch.

A link to a typography timeline



The meaning of signifier and signified (can be also called signs and objects), is what we use to create meanings behind something. It is also used to give out information to however is looking at the sign at the time. The meaning of signifier is the words that we use, while signified means how we interpret that word. For example the signifier for the word open, we can interpret that word as the place/building is open. This can apply to other things besides words as well. Images, sounds, smells, how things taste and objects are some others things we use these meanings on. There meaning can be a specific meaning or unintentional. An unintentional meaning could be a symptom of a medical condition. They can be divided by type of relation, these are icons, indices or symbols. Icons are signs that signify means of similarity between the vehicle and object. Indices signify means of direct relation of contiguity or causality (symptom). Symbols signify a law or social convention. As quoted by Peirce ‘Nothing is a sign unless it is interpreted as a sign’. As long as we give something a sign or meaning behind it then it will be considered a signified. Between the words the relationship is referred as signification.

Some examples
Images – Toxic sign – (Is used as toxic sign in America because they thought the children would think the skull and crossbones are related with pirates) – Radioactivity sign
Objects – Headphones – Clock
Sound Sound of running water.
While in general the meanings are basically the same message around the world some signs/gestures are offence in one place while not somewhere else. They can also change meanings if you add movement to them. Also with some signs (such as the peace sign) depending on how you show it can mean differently. For example if you have the V sign with the palm of your hand facing the observer it can mean victory, peace or the number 2. However if the back of the hand is shown it can be an insult (doesn’t apply to America). If you added movement to the sign it changes again to meaning air quotes.

Logos, Identities etc.

These are some logos from games systems/companies. What I find appealing with the logos is that they are simple. Out of the ones that have the logo written and the image, I like the image ones better. The reason for this is that it’s just more interesting to look at. I feel the logo for Namco isn’t working out much since it just letters and is plain. The others stand out because they have something either next to or within the named logo. I think the kind of brief that was set to create these kinds of logos were to get people interested and wanting more. These ident’s don’t last long but they are very remunerable. One of my favourites is the Dreamcast one, I like the sound it makes how the animation works. My other favourite is the PlayStation one, this is mainly because I used to play most of my games on this system all the time. It’s basic in what it shows, same with the music but I find that it is still very remunerable even today.×222.jpg What I like about these is that they stand out. They all have something about their design that makes you remember them. What I also find appalling is how they are brightly coloured in and at how bold the writing is. Out of all of them I think that the fox logo is the least remunerable. The reason why I think this is because of its design, it just says its name with no image and it shares the same name as an animal. The concept of these ideas when the people where designing them probably were to make them stand out. The indents when they move are short, sweet and can be changed depending on the movie. This is something that I like about the DreamWorks and the Disney logos, they have stranded there logo animation but sometimes they give it a little movie twist. It also should be noted that Disney’s logo opening has changed slightly over the years, while it’s the same concept the technology has improved making it more 3d rather than drawn. I prefer the older versions. – Normal – added movie twist.

What I like about these is that it is clear what they are. For example the Firefox is a fox that has a fire like colouring to it. Same goes for the hat trick it shows what it is. Out of these they are straight to the point and not very creative, so this works to its disadvantage as well as its advantage. For these ones I don’t think they had much of a brief to it, I think that there main goal was to identify with the name which is why they show what it’s called. – while this is only brief when shown it’s a simple animation. I like at how it does a role reversal. – I also really like the BBC indent’s, the creativity that goes into them is great.

Food vendor final

Once I had done the planing I drew the sides, front and back, I also made a basic idea of how this would work/move around.


The idea of how this works is that since its themed, it will have anime themed food (mainly movies but series as well). It will work similar to how it does when it's easter or christmas. A example would be that if the film/series had noodles being eated all the time, a theme ect then that's what it would sell.

Food vendor idea drawings

After looking around at other food vendors, I started to think of what do. For a while I couldn’t really think of what I was going to do, so I figured i’d draw some stuff I thought of and then go from there. After that I picked one of my themes, I went for the anime one because I thought that would be the most fun. I did the drawings doing a few things like sitting and walking away so I could put them on the truck. I also did quick scetches to see how it might turn out, this also made me decided to instead of having the characters in full view on the back to have them cut off a bit.