CATS – OCT 18th

After a recap on what happened in the last lesson we looked at Cinematography in CATS. Since I wasn’t at the lesson it helped give me a brief idea of what happened. This was looking at the visual style such as props, performance, costumes ect.
For cinematography we watched 10 to 15 mins of 5 different movies, while we watched we looked out for the framing, shot size, how long it took, the camera’s movement, crane shots, any tracking and/or zoom shots, the angles of the camera and the depth of field. While looking for these we also learnt the meanings of them.
While looking out for these we were basically were looking out for
. What framing was used such as in the menu screen, the moving images and options were on both sides so it makes you look at the thing as a whole.
. What was the shot showing, was it a close up or showing the people and backgrounds.
. How long was the camera on what it was looking at. Did it linger or was it pretty fast.
. How was the camera moving. Was it still, shown from some ones hight point, did it look like it was someone running with a handheld camera, any static happening.
. Was the camera following something from above such as a moving car
. What kind of angles are being shown.
. Is anything blurred in the background, does it focus on something. e.g. a falling leaf, can you see things in the distance background.



Oct 4th

We had a look at different camera views and angles,. We learned what the differnt views were called, basically we learned what shots were called and how they can be used. We went into groups and looked at 10 to 15 mins of footage. While watching we were looking out for what kind of camera views were used and how often they were used. The one we got was a Dr Who episode done in an animation style since the real footage had been lost. A lot of close ups were used, it also seemed to pan out quite a bit. It was over the shoulder at times as well. This also got us thinking about why they used the angles they went for, it made some parts look kinda dramatic and important.