With lightwave it has been interesting. I haven’t used the software before so it was enjoyable to learn and get used to. The jack in box model was the one I had most trouble with mainly because unlike the others I was making the model instead of moving them around. While doing all of these I came across some problems. The first was with mokujin, I’m not sure what the problem was but once it was on the mac computer it worked. The other I had trouble with once the bounce, this was sorted out by simply moving the character. How I moved the objects was with the up down, rotate options on the side of the program. The bottom bar when moved is how you animate. You move it across then make your object move how you want it.



More Lightwave

We played around with how rigs work.
We also had the chance to play around with what we have learned in the other leasons. What I did for that lesson was work on the movements going more smouthly as well as play around with what lightwave had to offer. I also went back to the bones part of what we learnt and tried to make that move better.


A couple of week back, we were introduced to lightwave. We have been shown how to animate the objects, parenting, create and use the bones/skelatons feature ect. These are what I have managed to do in this program. I haven’t used this program before now but im enjoying it and hope to improve.


Badass Girl & Cat

This is show both layers used. run-layer-examplerunning01 This is the first one i did on photoshop, I first used the mouse but then used the pad. This is why there are two layers, one thin and a bit odd while the other is thick. Using the pad is a lot easyer to use

This is Badass girl and cat, the characters I choose in Techniques. I have drawn them in different poses. These are just a few of them coloured in. The coloured ones were re drawn in photoshop using a drawing pad. On the post Character – Girl&Kitty I couldn’t decide on the colour for her shirt, I picked white because I liked it better and the people who saw it liked that one better.

These are the different poses I draw the pair in.




Just a few things that I have been doing on flash. As well as these I have
been playing around with tweens which is another way to get one image to another place. The bee task is a example of this.
The bee task –

Girl and Cat –
This is a screenshot of the girl and cat animation

The bee test, the use of onion skin and a short animation of badass girl and super cat. The top three images are screenshots of them being worked on. The two at the bottem are shots are of them done.

Animation – Flipbook & stop motion

During our technique leasons we have done a flipbook and a group stop motion.

This is how my flipbook turned out.

This is the group one. It went well and we all did a little bit.”>

Character – Girl&Kitty

After deciding that I wanted to play around with the Badass girl and super cat, I redrew them on Photoshop and gave them colour. At first I tried out adobe photo shop so I could get used to moving it around a little and to see what kinds of shapes I could use. Untitled-1
This is what I got when I played around with Photoshop.
Girlandcat This is the girl and her cat.

I did two versions of the girl, one with her top red and the other with her top white. I’m unsure which one I like more but i’m thinking of going with the red since that gives off more of a danger look.
Girlredtop Girlwhitetop


These are the ideas I have come up with for character design.  So far I like how the bennie hat boy, bunny boy, super cat, badass girl and girl with rabbit have turned out. The ones i’m going to work on and use will be super cat and badass girl.

SAM_7315 Boy and Bennie hat boy.

SAM_7317 Boy2, girl and bunny boy.

SAM_7319 Night girl, thing, birdy, super cat and badass girl.

I like the badass girl and super cat, it was suggested to me that I could have a main and a sidekick to that character. I think i’ll do that with these two.

SAM_7320 Girl with rabbit, random kid, cold boy and the witch twins.

The girl with the rabbit has two different looks to her, one where her face is covered and the other where some of her face can be seen. The dress is different for her as well.


With some of the blogs the images don’t show up, so here are the images that haven’t been showing up.

Technique – The flipbook
Character looks
The flipbook once scanned

Shapes – From when we were asked to draw the five different shapes Ialso decided that I will show these shapes as well. These are all attempts to use perspective in creating objects, they are meant to look like a shape that is in another shape. We also did thin and thick lines, thick lines happen when you can’t see a side of the object.


Like with the sound, I’ll put the techniques together so everyone knows what i’v been doing in this so far.

Oct 2nd-

We looked at the different kinds of animation that have been used. Some of the animations we looked at were Muto, Simons cat, yellow sticky notes deadline, martrix style flipbook , I Met the Walrus and Western Spaghetti. Out of the animations we watched I liked Simons cat and western spaghetti the most.
I found Simons cat to be funny, I like the style that is used and at even though it is basic it shows a lot of expresion. There isn’t much sound to it just a few sound effects but that works in its favour.
The other one I enjoyed was Western Spaghetti by PES. I like at how this is different to what you think animation would normaly be. I like that this feels unquie.
After watching the different styles of animation we were asked to plan and create a flipbook.

Oct 9th-

The filpbook I made didn’t move like a flipbook should, it kept getting stuck and it didn’t move right. It wasn’t themed so we could do whatever we wanted. I first decided on what kind of charatcer look I wanted then the story I wanted to do. I picked my last idea, I liked it and the few people who saw the ideas liked that one too.



Character looks


The flipbook (after scanned) – it’s better to look at this since you can see what is meant to be going on