Client Evaluation

My client project at first was difficult to get started, nobody replied when I messaged them and on the rare chance I did get a reply they didn’t want anything doing. When I managed to get a start on the project it became a create your own project based work. Thinking of what I wanted to do wasn’t too difficult and after choosing what I wanted it become easier to plan and research. While in the middle of doing this, I came across the Amy Jonson Festival and decided to use this as my client work since it would give me better direction in how to structure my animation. It also gave you a choice on which part of her life to work on, since one of them was basically what I wanted to do it helped.

My idea for the project changed as I was animating it, while I have kept to my storyboard I have added to it as well. After saving it I felt like the information sped up, while I’m not sure if it did this or not I’m planning to sort this along with anything else that needed to be fixed by the festival deadline. My original plan was to colour Amy in collage and have her shown in her plane Indiana Jones style, while this stayed I didn’t colour her in every time she appeared. This reason for this is because after playing around with the Photoshop transparent setting she came up as ghostly and I liked this effect. I also at first had the information on the images as they were moving but this also changed, this was simply to make it clear to read and understand.

If I could change anything about this project it would be finding the Festival sooner and being able to have more time being able to work on this project rather waiting for nobody to respond to me. Other than that this project has gone smoothly.

Apart from the slow start, the client project went well without any problems. I like how my animation turned out in the end. Since the deadline for the festival is on the 31st of May I plan to make sure any issues are fixed and if needed add more to the animation.


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