Amy Johnson Festival

While going through my client project I decided to enter the Amy Johnson festival since it would count as being a client.
It can’t be longer then 75 seconds and it has to follow an aspect of one of the themes they have asked for.

The themes to choose from are

•The life and flying achievements of Amy Johnson – Telling her story, key moments in her life, her personal struggles and achievements
•Women’s equality and liberation – Amy Johnson campaigned for women’s equality particularly at work. Women in engineering and science, Amy as a role model to introduce more young women to engineering and
•Flight in all its forms – Aircraft engineering, the physics of flight, insect flight – especially moths as Amy flew de Havilland Moth planes throughout her aviation career!
•World cultures, then and now – Reflections on culture, society and politics in the countries and continents at the time of Amy’s flight in 1930, or on the situation

I’m going to work on the first one, her life and flying achievements. This is because it is similar to what I wanted to show before finding this and it is the most interesting one to work on for me.



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