For my FMP I will be doing a speed dating scenario that will focus on the expressions on the main character. At first the idea was going to be about a little witch who found a broom racing contest and decided to enter, however she had to learn how to ride one. The outcome was undecided on if she would win or not. When I explain my idea, I was told that it sounded like it was going into two different directions. I had to decide if I wanted the witch idea or the emotions idea, I went for the emotions since I felt I could get a lot more out of it. Before I decided on what I was going to do, I did a few quick drawings of how some of the minor characters might look for the witch idea.

The idea of mainly focusing on expressions comes from the idea that actions speak loader then words. That you can say you’re feeling fine but you really feel fed up with the world.

Once this idea was sorted I found and got a manikin head, I made eyes and a mouth for it but it was considered too detailed. Less detailed features were made and were used, I also used some cloth for its hair. I also used a doll face to see how that would turn out.

I was also recommended to look at Dave McKean and his masks. I like at how different and unique they are.


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