fiction storyboard

Since I couldn’t find this on the blog and it wasn’t in my folder when I was handing in I’ll put this up here now. While I was making this I only had to make two changes which was whenever the hand appeared I didn’t use that, and at the end part when you close your eyes and see someone walking to you. I cut that part out because I thought it would be better if you completely blacked out.

SAM_9050 SAM_9051 SAM_9052 SAM_9053 SAM_9054



As part of our The Aesthetics & Symbolism in the Scene/Scenario brief    ( we had to choose one of the following characters/setting. I decided on the sins and festival street performance. After doing research (some on my Aesthetics and Symbolism blog) I started on design ideas and movement ideas. These are how they turned out. envy gluttony greed lust pride slothwrath

At a later date we were given a slightly different take on this, I had to pick 2 sins and they were to confront each other in a room. I choose Sloth and Wrath. After some ideas I chose to main sloth, the reason why I picked Sloth over Wrath was because I found that Sloth had a lot more interesting ways to create and play around with. It also was the one that I could come up with more interesting takes on how the sin could look. I am now practicing on how to draw some of the more less human parts. The goat legs and the body shapes of Sloths. These are some of the drawings. slothdrawing goat-legs1 goat-legs-2

Tests / sets

When I first made the sets they were just simple, these were first used to make sure the idea would look ok. I then thought about just using them and photo shopped details later but that would of taken too long. I decided to get different types of paper design and use them for the walls and floor. Some of the things I used were printed and then stuck on, the rest of the props were bought.



These were just some tests to see if I could make the doll look as if it was coming out of the mirror. Also just to see how the doors opening would look. I’ve decided for the door however that instead of opening it, it will fade to black. The reason for this is because of how I’ve made the rooms, also I find that this makes it a bit more creepy.


A few days ago I found a animation competition. When I found it, the date for the hand in was the next day (1st May) so I decided to go for it. The rules were simple, it had to be longer then ten seconds, you had to use the music they wanted and it had to involve either a bird bee or squirrel. It could be in any form of animation and it had to be posted onto YouTube. I’m not familiar with this kind of contest, so I did my best with the given time and the unfamiliar territory. Here are the forms I had to fill in and the animation result.



It is also on the website