Fiction – Characters / Settings

Characters – Bloody Mary, your friend, yourself, a parent

Settings – Bathroom, hospital room. Inside the mirror = bathroom, hallway, couple of rooms.

Before starting on the designs, I wanted to test how well plasticine would work. I did a few basic designs to work off of and then used the material. I found that it was easy to put together and that it stuck together good as well. I noticed as I was drawing the ideas that she looked a lot like Samara from the ring and Kayako from the grudge. This is where research into how people viewed her image started. A lot of the ideas involved her bleeding from the eyes and was modern looking. While most interpretations was of an older women, people have designed her as a little girl.

back frontBack and front of the model. BM BM1picked-BM

These designs are of Mary. I chose the design above because it was the most liked and it felt the least like a copy of another design. The others are just a few ideas of how the sets, props and your friend could turn out. rooms other

Also just a quick note. While the story is the same I’ve changed the idea slightly with the outcome of your friend. Also the style of inside the mirror, at first I was thinking of making it with lots of mini mirrors but I decided to go for setting that look more like the inside of your home. Only more, creepy looking. This was because I thought a alternate version of your home would make you feel less safe.


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