Clients and Work Skills/Jobs

A important part of working in animation, as well as a lot of other work is working with clients. There are a few things that you should try to remember while you are with them. It is important to build a relationship with them, they are the people who could make or destroy you. While with them be patient, don’t be too pushy. Respond quickly and let them know how the project is going. Treat them like they are the most important as well, they might make referrals which could lead from one thing to another.
You need to be honest, sincere and respectful towards who your working with. Make sure you both know what your talking about and how you want project to turn out, try to avoid any misunderstandings. A great way of doing this would be to keep notes of the ideas and any changes. This can also help if you have more then one client your working with. Be open to change and have more then one idea to show your client. If you have ideas that you think will benefit them don’t feel like you can’t suggest them. Ideas will also be rejected so don’t take it personally if they don’t like a idea of yours. Creating a contract could be helpful as well. You should also try to stay productive and consider side projects in your spare time. You should try to build a sense of mutual trust and show your clients what your made of. You’ll also need to know about budgets, how long everything will be and maybe future maintenance (available for hosting support, money etc).

There are a lot of different job roles for animation. They are animation director/supervisor, 2D computer animation, 2D drawn animation, 3D computer animation, stop motion, assistant animator stop motion, CG modeller, Compositor, Digital painter, director or series director, editing assistant, head of model making, Inbetweener, junior animator (3D computer animation), junior model maker, key animator, layout artist (2D computer animation), layout artist (2D drawn animation), layout artist (3D computer animation), lighting technical director/lighter, marketing executive, marketing manager, match move artist, model maker, model maker trainee, model making team leader, production assistant (animation), production designer (animation), production secretary (animation), public relations officer, render wrangler, roto artist, runner (animation), storyboard artist and storyboard assistant.
All require that you have some form of animation/art degree to help you. However with the runner you don’t really need any skills, it is the lowest job though. They all suggest that you work your way up.


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