Aesthetics and Symbolism

firefly the 10th character. – They tried to make it a home and feel real by having the sets linked with each other. They also used wanted to make each room associated with a character such as the character Kaylee, they had her with the engine room. From this they used colours (a rusted up brown) and props that looked earthy warm sexually and optimistic.

With name of the rose a few things were mentioned, that being the deformity and how people looked along with how it wouldn’t be what it was without the murders. The deformity brought on the discussion that ugly tends to show the evil person while the good looking guy is the hero. This would make you think, must you truly be evil if you are not pretty. The name of the rose has a way of showing this idea trough the colours. However in some roles such as beauty and the beast and the hunchback of Notre Dame they are revised showing the bad guy nice looking and the ugly the good guy, this however is not common and has clear messages saying don’t judge. While one of us watched name of the rose, a very long engagement it was mentioned a running theme of being cut off. From the wires in the tranches to the lady having her hair cut off the movie sounded that it was filled with symbolism of being cut, not able to reach what they want.

In a way to show off symbolism and aesthetics we were asked to develop scenography, cinematography, design and design palettes for a range of characters/settings, scenarios, moods and atmospheres. From the lists given I picked Seven deadly sins with a costumed mobile festival street performance (night).
The first thing to do is know what both subjects are before looking into colour, symbolism etc. The seven deadly sins are Wrath, Sloth, Lust, Gluttony, Pride, Envy and Greed. They are moral wrongdoings according to people who believe in god. The meanings we have come to know about them are Lust-intense desire. Gluttony-consuming lots of food. Greed-more desire in getting more of what we already have (e.g. money) . Sloth-laziness. Wrath-anger. Envy-wanting what others have that you don’t. Pride-inordinate self-esteem. A costumed mobile festival street performance is just as the name says. It’s a festival with performers on the streets.

While researching I found this little piece about male and female sins and who did which one more.
I also found what they believe the colour and animal represents in the sins as well as the punishment you will suffer if you commit any of them.
Sin Punishment in Hell Animal Color
broken on the wheel Horse Violet
put in freezing water Dog Green
dismembered alive Bear Red
thrown in snake pits Goat Light Blue
put in cauldrons of boiling oil Frog Yellow
forced to eat rats, toads, and snakes Pig Orange
smothered in fire and brimstone Cow Blue

A lot of people have done different versions of the deadly sins. While people have done their own versions of how they think the sins look like others have taken already made characters and decided which sin is who and why.
Example of a fan theory with the sins and an already created cartoon.
Example of someone idea
Example of sins as characters in anime (FMA)
Taken from tv tropes – “Orthodox Christianity, interestingly, adds an eighth sin: Despair. You often hear people talking about “succumbing to the eighth deadly sin” in old Russian novels as a result.
Technically, in its original form when created by Evagrius Ponticus, there were eight Deadly Sins, including Despair, yet it did not have Envy (Despair took that role) nor Lust(Prostitution took that role somewhat explaining why Lust is often embodied by beautiful women). Instead, it had Vainglory/Deceitful Boasting as the eighth, separate from Pride. The three worst sins are Wrath (3rd), Envy (2nd) and Pride (1st)”


After looking into the deadly sins I decided to research some costumed mobile festival street performances.


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