While drawing out the storyboard I came across some events that I felt shouldn’t be in, they either felt to dark, not very important or felt like it was a repeat of another event just with different people. Once I had finished I went over it again and took a few more out. I have also gone though my idea and been given a suggestion that would help save time. Rather then draw the animation, I make it into a collage animation. I feel like this is good idea, so the plan is to get the images together and draw anything in that I couldn’t find or wouldn’t look right if it was a image over a image. To help be get a better idea of how a collage animation might look, I looked into if anyone else had made one.

Once that was done, I printed the images needed and made a start on the animation. I did a few when I thought that what I was doing could be done on Photoshop. At the same time however some effects looked nice with how I was making it. With this in mind I wanted to see what could be done if I used Photoshop to make the images. After being shown what I could use to make some of the effects I came out with these.
mask3.jpgdvfs mask2.jpgbxf mask1.jpgdgfs

I also placed a image on the box. Seeing how this turned out I might have to make the boxes, then animate using stop motion.

With the same images, this is how my idea looked before thinking to test with Photoshop. collage collage2 collage1


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