Exploiting characters

As I started looking at character designs, I found that a lot of different designs could be found. The reason for looking at these characters was so I can create my own. While doing this I can look into how to protect this character and how this character can be used. Also how I would exploit what I have created, as well as look into how other people have created products that are really close to an already existing product. I further looked at villain characters and people who made the concepts of characters.
While researching it seemed like the male/female percentage of villains felt more balanced, then the male/female heroes. Meaning both genders had a chance to fulfil their evil plans. This is why my aim is to create a genderless character so that it can be whatever gender you want. Also while researching I looked at Chris Oatly, on his site he had a section called “Character Design Goes Deep” this simply explains how to make your characters more interesting and feel real rather than just a plain drawing.

Exploiting characters can be easy to do however protecting your character can be just as easy if you know what to do. For protecting the character you have created, you could say that it belongs to you in a contract if license or other arguments are involved. This can also fall under copyright laws.

There are many ways you can exploit your characters, an example being that if you brought them into the world of goods/services. For this to work we would first have to decide who the character is aimed at. An example would be if the character was intended for younger viewers, you would have the character as a soft toy or on lunchboxes probably even toy accessory’s if they had any. This however doesn’t mean older views would be left out, if they had kids that liked what is being sold they are likely to buy it. If they didn’t have kids and it was aimed at them then a different approach would happen. They could still do it in toy form however instead of a soft toy they would make it into a collectable figure. Cosplayers (people who like to dress up as characters from games/anime) could also get in on this character if they wanted to dress up as them. A way to get everyone buying would be clothes such as shirts, you’re never too old to wear something cartoony. An example of this would be Micky and Minnie Mouse appearing on pretty much everything.

While coming up with possible designs for the character villain, it ended up not scary looking. I felt like it had a more antihero feel to it, also it ended up looking like a kiddie bad guy. This style would also count towards how it could be exploited.
bad-guy-ex bad-guy-ex1


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