Non Fiction – Boxes

For my non fiction, I have chosen the events and how I plan to create it. I will be using the box idea. First I decided on which box I wanted to use, this was done by getting different types and testing them. The first thing I noticed about these is that the plastic one is not photogenic, you can barely see it when a photo is taken. This is why straight away I knew it wouldn’t work in this project since the box had to be seen. boxtry1
Also while deciding on the type of box I wanted to use, I tested to see how they would move. Since the boxes moved when the year changed this was important to figure out. It also helped me by showing me how the chosen box would move and how it would be animated.
After trying these out I have decided which one I would like to use. The reason I chose the first box idea is because I felt like that would work out better in capturing the idea of time since it drops in and has more sense of direction rather then the stiffness the other ones gave.


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