For this project we have to create a TV ad. We pick one scenario we thought of before and work on that. I didn’t known which one I wanted to do, out of one from the basement and the found object. So I gave both of them a quick idea, using the basement idea with the chocolate and the found object with Breakfast Cereal. Once going over the ideas it was clear which one I wanted to try and that research needed to be done. I have picked the cereal/found object one. Another thing that was discussed was how to animate this, so I looked at the work of Garri Bardin. A example of his work
I’m also thinking of using the style by PSE which has done adverts such as this one.

While looking into these ceareal ads I have found that a lot of them like to add singing in, they also make sure to praise the product a lot. They encourage the viewer by saying things such as your kids will only love this or that it can help you lose weight etc. The ones that have been going on for years such as Kellogg’s have also gained a well known mascot (Tony the Tiger)

Here are some examples I found while researching


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