Context is important, there is a lot to think about when you enter the world of work and take on clients. One of the important matters you need to go though is the contrack. You don’t want to agree to anything that you disagree with, another consideration is know what your client wants. If they ask you to do a dog in a dress with a funny hat, then that is what you have to do. You can suggest ideas to the person however it is in your best interest to not upset them. You also need to build up a good repatation, you need to prove that you are the one for the job. This means that if you are going to be late, change of plans or you can’t be in contect for reasons then you need to let them know. Something else that you need to know is that you shouldn’t do the job for free, you should always get paid for the job you have done. Understand the copyright laws and know what does and doesn’t belong to you (make sure you get the correct one as diffrent contrys in the world differ). Another facter you have to remenber is if you create a character don’t try to use the same design for different compaines, this could cost you and result in both places telling you your not fit for the job.

A lot has to be thought about in this area, such as Show Reals and Festivals. Show reals are a great way to show your work and let people see what you are capable of. They can show anything ranging from character movement, to showing how they made the work to even images of the concept. Depending on what you want to show your audience is what you choose and how you present it. Music can be important in the real, it helps set the tone and can make it more enjoyable to watch. When showing your real, you should include your created characters and environments. Festivals are basically competitions you enter, it helps you get noticed plus its great practice for deadlines and knowing what to people want (and doing it). When entering you have to read the rules and agree to them. You should remember if they want it a certain time length, entry fees (if any), animation style you have to work with, your deadline, where and how are you getting there if you need to go, what formats they accept, can you enter in one or more category’s. They may even ask for subtitles depending on the location.

Show Real examples

Festival Examples

A contract might seem easy but it can cause you trouble if your not careful. A contract is a agreement, between the people taking part in the project. Make sure you don’t work for nothing, meaning that if something like the project being cancelled halfway though happened you would have some sort of payment. If your making the contract, word your words carefully. If your not then read though it carefully.
An example of a freelancer’s agreement –
An Example for a job agreement –


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