Non Fiction

Non Fiction means something that is real not made up, it is based on facts. This means that you can have a lot to work with, examples of non fiction would be historical events, a biography even your own autobiography. Ideas such as using jobs can create non fiction, articles in newspapers also qualify because it tells you what happened on the event you are reading. Documentaries are also this since they tell/talk about animals people ect. Sometimes they talk about how the world might end or the changes we might encounter, at first this might seem like fiction but they tell us events based on how the earth has changed and reacted in the past and how that could effect the future.

At first I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do so I made a list of ideas which ended up looking like this
History –
letters in the wars,
black death (or any other event like that)
any big changes (e.g. place free, votes for women)
climate change
Jobs –
Job lose

After much thought I decided to do big historical events, a timeline. After a talk and it proving I could take forever since there is a lot of history to choose from I decided to look into the diffrent decades and pick one and research it.


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