Animation outside from TV/Being seen

Animation has developed a lot over the years. While most people assume animation is just used for cartoons on TV, it has been and is still used for many other things. Most of the time the animations go unnoticed because you don’t think of it as an animated effect, you see it more as a background kind of thing.
Here are some examples of animations you come across that aren’t seen on T.V
• Festivals
• backgrounds (e.g. for singers)
• music video (either all, parts or backgrounds)
• projections (e.g. on the side of buildings/walls in museums)
• lava lamp (similar to them)
• In talks/news to show the point there getting across (e.g. news talking about rate/showing a medical animation)
• Mechanical animation – creates virtual models of products/mechanical designs, this can save companies money by cutting development costs. It can also allow them to get rid of problems that would require test model’s and experiments.
• Forensic animation – helps to create incidents, aid investigators and help solve cases (Basically used to help with work products and simulations)
• Education – used in lessons

Other uses animation has been used for is for business & retail. With this they are straight to the point, simple and normally take less than a minute.

Animations have also been used on walls and the floor. Also with these they interact with the surroundings. E.G. crawl under a window.
The animator Blu specializes in this.

It has even gone as far as having your own animations on your wall with the use of Lightbyte. “It modifies sun’s ray at your whim into intricate shapes. Light and shadow entering a space can be created (2D or 3D) and animated (4D)” Lightbyte reacts to movements, sketches and digital messages. The way this works is using one wall that has a way to block light while the other shows the image. Pao (the creator) has said “imagines her project applied to entertainment, advertising, and workplace communication”

Websites have also used animation. An example is the 2Advanced site, they use it in the background to show off what they can do without you necessary noticing straight away. They also animate the loading times and images while showing what they have done with clients.

It is important to get your animations seen. To do that you can enter competitions, attend festivals and post your work on sites such as YouTube and Deviantart. Apart from people noticing your work there are other reasons why it is important. You can practice your skills, experimentation with ideas and tools, feedback to help improve yourself, experience pressure of deadlines and to help your show reel along.

There are many sites that have companions and go to if you win festivals. Here are a few.


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