Acting in Animation

Acting in animation is important, we may not realize it at first but it is helpful when it comes to how movement looks and how expressions turn out. Looking though mirrors will help you with this, the lengh doesn’t matter as long as you can see your self. Although it helps to have different kinds since small mirrors can help focus on your face while a long full body one can help with body movements and such. If you act out your character(s) then it can help you understand your character better, you can better understand how they act, do they have any mannerisms, what is there purpose, the roll in life they will play.

Acting for animators
Become the character, get into your roll.
Communicate charatcer to the views, make characters feel present, lose yourself in the sceen, think though all possibilities and make the character feel as if a part of the moment
plan well, exploration, age, gender, experience, backstory

ED HOOKS – acting for animoters
Emotion leads to action
Acting is behaving believably in pretend circumstances
Watch how people do stuff
Inprov can help with the animating

Give yourself different limits (one hand gestures, no foot movements)
Different probs/places
Do it one they then do it again opposit (do one calm while the other loud)
Do the one sceen in differnt ways, you can get a completly different outlook on the character/s (time 2.55)


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