A while back we got some homework for acting and Audience. It was to create scenario’s (Balloon, Found object, Animal Familiar, Basement and boat in the sea) and product names (A power tool Breakfast Cereal, Moblie Connectivity/Internet access, Brand Training Shoes, A Chocolate Bar).

The Balloon
• A balloon has been bought for a young child. The child loves this balloon and takes it everywhere. As it slowly loses air the child doesn’t notice until the balloon can no longer stay in the air. The child is sad but gets another and the process it repeated.
• A balloon has flown away from its owner. The owner tries to get it back but doesn’t succeed. It then goes on its journey, going where ever the wind takes it. It goes high and far moving slowly, watching the fast paced lives of the humans below.
• A balloon is bought from a happy looking shop. It then follows the owner as they exit the shop, make their way from the quiet town and into the car. The balloon then exits the car and its now dark, it enters a building that looks gray and dull. It then enters a room, sees a child in bed. The child looks, sees then smiles as the room brightens up showing the kid is now happier.
• A balloon that hasn’t been blown up yet, is blown up. It gets bigger and bigger and starts to look as if it could pop but it doesn’t. It looks like its past its limits but carrys on growing until it is shown the it wasn’t meant to be a small balloon but a hot air balloon.
• A balloon is blown up. It then gets twisted and turned becoming something. It then twists again forming into something else, it does this again and again. In the end it goes back to its original shape.
• A army of balloons are sent up into the sky. Each of the balloons has a letter, once the extras have moved around and out of the way the word congratulatons can be seen.

The found object
• A group of friends are hanging out at an old house. Being daring they head in and search the place, its old creepy and they are starting to get scared. Just as they are about to leave they come across a hidden door, on a gut feeling they go in and find a big empty room with the only object that could be found in the place. A old mirror.
• An old women is in the attic, looking at her old items she starts to remember her youth. She gets sad because the only thing left of her mothers has been lost for years. She looks around some more and feels somthing against her foot, an old box. Apon opening the box she finds the one object of her mothers.
• After a long night of drinking the drunken person finds theie way home. They soon realise that the key to get in is nowhere to be seen. After a while of looking unsuccessfully, they give up knock a flower pot over and find the key.
• Its raining heavy and soon knocks the power out. Not being able to see a thing the person feels around to make there way to the other room. They feels around somemore and find what the object they needed, a torch.
• A child loses theie favourite toy and the parent looks all over for it. Just as they feel they have looked everywhere they trip over the object they have been looking for.
• A group of children make a time capsule and map. Years later when they are all grown up they meet up, follow the map and find the old objects of their childhood.

The Animal Familiar
• A witches familar wants attention but not getting any. Annoyed the familiar hides potions and other important stuff. The witch confronts the cat, they make a deal that the cat gets more love and the witch can get her stuff back.
• A animal familiar finds your soul after you have died and kindly leads you to the after life, if you have been good the way is fun and rewarding an if you were bad the opposite happends.
• To not have a familar is bad luck so not having one is bad. The person sets off to find one, coming across the different types. In the end the first one that offered to help becomes there familier.
• A familiar sets out on a adventure to find out where they belong only to find out that the place and job they had is where they belonged all along.
• A familiar stands up to the corrupted familiar, they try to make them good again but fail. They soon accepted that not all of them are good and sometimes they need to play the bad guy.
• A young witch is getting her familier however they all reject her. She comes across and helps at cat before leaving. The cat follows and protects her from the shadows, its cover is eventually blown and the two become partners.

The Basement
• A basement is made into a bedroom, its starts off well but as time goes by strange things happen. They look into and find that a murder happened and that the ghost is not happy. They then do their best to ease the ghost and set it free.
• A group of people want a party and decided the basement is the best place to have it. They spend all day getting it ready for the night and have a good time.
• In the middle of the midnight man game the people end up in the basement, they break a rule and find themselfs locked in. They then have to play the rest of the game in the basement.
• The basement is turned into a art studio. It gets filled up with equipment and work over the years and shows the changes in the basements style, themes etc.
• Wanting to scare their friend, they buy a coffin and other props. They place everything into the basement and set it up. They convince their friend a made up story is true and take them down, they then go onto scaring the friend with a dead body rising and different scares.
• A basement is flooded and all the items there are destoryed. Photos ruined, any eletronices broken, toys get damp and mouldy the floor is also ruined.

The boat on the sea
• A small fishing boat just floating around. Not much fish is being caught, not many are about but the people don’t care since this is the first time in a long time they have bonded.
• A family are on a boat at sea. What seemed like a good idea at first turns out bad. There is fighting and people finding out they are sea sick and it starts to rain. The family agree to leave, go home and never speak of this again.
• A ship has sank and people are now on little boats. They don’t say anything but how they look says everything, some have fear, some are sad and some are even excited from the adrenalin.
• Two people are racing around in a speedboat, meanwhile their friends are being pulled behind them doing all sorts of cool and dangerous tricks.
• A boat has been out all day and is now returning home. It is very dark so they are being carefully, they look at what they have seen/discovered/researched. They soon see the light of the lighthouse and speed up knowing where they are.
• A group of people are sat and looking down at the glass floor. They see a lot of different types of fish and sea life. The boat is strong and sturdy so any creatures tapping at the glass can’t break though.

A power tool – Tools for Fools (safety ones)
Breakfast Cereal – Milky treat
Moblie Connectivity/Internet access – Netagogo
Brand Training Shoes – Run a mile
A Chocolate Bar – Meltalisious


Acting in Animation

Acting in animation is important, we may not realize it at first but it is helpful when it comes to how movement looks and how expressions turn out. Looking though mirrors will help you with this, the lengh doesn’t matter as long as you can see your self. Although it helps to have different kinds since small mirrors can help focus on your face while a long full body one can help with body movements and such. If you act out your character(s) then it can help you understand your character better, you can better understand how they act, do they have any mannerisms, what is there purpose, the roll in life they will play.

Acting for animators
Become the character, get into your roll.
Communicate charatcer to the views, make characters feel present, lose yourself in the sceen, think though all possibilities and make the character feel as if a part of the moment
plan well, exploration, age, gender, experience, backstory

ED HOOKS – acting for animoters
Emotion leads to action
Acting is behaving believably in pretend circumstances
Watch how people do stuff
Inprov can help with the animating

Give yourself different limits (one hand gestures, no foot movements)
Different probs/places
Do it one they then do it again opposit (do one calm while the other loud)
Do the one sceen in differnt ways, you can get a completly different outlook on the character/s (time 2.55)

Non Fiction

Non Fiction means something that is real not made up, it is based on facts. This means that you can have a lot to work with, examples of non fiction would be historical events, a biography even your own autobiography. Ideas such as using jobs can create non fiction, articles in newspapers also qualify because it tells you what happened on the event you are reading. Documentaries are also this since they tell/talk about animals people ect. Sometimes they talk about how the world might end or the changes we might encounter, at first this might seem like fiction but they tell us events based on how the earth has changed and reacted in the past and how that could effect the future.

At first I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do so I made a list of ideas which ended up looking like this
History –
letters in the wars,
black death (or any other event like that)
any big changes (e.g. place free, votes for women)
climate change
Jobs –
Job lose

After much thought I decided to do big historical events, a timeline. After a talk and it proving I could take forever since there is a lot of history to choose from I decided to look into the diffrent decades and pick one and research it.

Animation outside from TV/Being seen

Animation has developed a lot over the years. While most people assume animation is just used for cartoons on TV, it has been and is still used for many other things. Most of the time the animations go unnoticed because you don’t think of it as an animated effect, you see it more as a background kind of thing.
Here are some examples of animations you come across that aren’t seen on T.V
• Festivals
• backgrounds (e.g. for singers)
• music video (either all, parts or backgrounds)
• projections (e.g. on the side of buildings/walls in museums)
• lava lamp (similar to them)
• In talks/news to show the point there getting across (e.g. news talking about rate/showing a medical animation)
• Mechanical animation – creates virtual models of products/mechanical designs, this can save companies money by cutting development costs. It can also allow them to get rid of problems that would require test model’s and experiments.
• Forensic animation – helps to create incidents, aid investigators and help solve cases (Basically used to help with work products and simulations)
• Education – used in lessons

Other uses animation has been used for is for business & retail. With this they are straight to the point, simple and normally take less than a minute.

Animations have also been used on walls and the floor. Also with these they interact with the surroundings. E.G. crawl under a window.
The animator Blu specializes in this.

It has even gone as far as having your own animations on your wall with the use of Lightbyte. “It modifies sun’s ray at your whim into intricate shapes. Light and shadow entering a space can be created (2D or 3D) and animated (4D)” Lightbyte reacts to movements, sketches and digital messages. The way this works is using one wall that has a way to block light while the other shows the image. Pao (the creator) has said “imagines her project applied to entertainment, advertising, and workplace communication”

Websites have also used animation. An example is the 2Advanced site, they use it in the background to show off what they can do without you necessary noticing straight away. They also animate the loading times and images while showing what they have done with clients.

It is important to get your animations seen. To do that you can enter competitions, attend festivals and post your work on sites such as YouTube and Deviantart. Apart from people noticing your work there are other reasons why it is important. You can practice your skills, experimentation with ideas and tools, feedback to help improve yourself, experience pressure of deadlines and to help your show reel along.

There are many sites that have companions and go to if you win festivals. Here are a few.