Video project

For my video project I went though a lot of different ideas before doing the one I did.

list of ideas
Opening to a movie
end of the world
fight scene
real life board game (a chess game with real people)
Break into something

After a lot of thought I decided to do a short film, and picked a break in. I made a list of possible places, who was going to be in, what was needed etc. As I was putting together ideas I thought of the idea to change it to a break in assassination just so I could make it a little bit more interesting. After thinking of the sounds and music my idea once again changed to my idea I have done, a rescue mission horror style.

I then wasn’t sure how I wanted to do the shots, a first person p.o.v or not. In the end I did both points of view (first person and 3rd person) so that way I had my clips to pick from. I didn’t plan a script or give much thought about the camera shots because my idea kept changing, when I did finally stick to the idea I knew I needed to be in a forested place or at least somewhere horror like and I knew what I wanted to happen. Another reason why I didn’t really plan anything is because I used the idea more as guild lines to the basic outcome of the idea. I found this way easier and more fun since I then felt I had more freedom to change it up. When I got the different shots together and put them in the computer to edit they disappeared so I had to re-film everything again. Although it was a pain to film everything again I did feel more organised when doing it, I also felt I got better clips to use. Since I had to redo the clips again I didn’t have as much time to to play around with what I had, this included what to do with the ending since I need something that looked abandoned. The idea was going to green screen since I couldn’t get into a abandoned place and go from there but because of the filming needing to be redone when it did I didn’t really have time to sort it out.

When it came to the ending, that was the only part I wasn’t sure how to do. I couldn’t decided between having it end fading to black as you hear noises or have it end after the credits where it somehow implies the person has been saved. The ending I did kind of leans towards the first idea but I thought that it would be better and be more effective if it ended before the person enters the abandoned place.

Some things that inspired me were looking into abandoned places, horror music/games and scary stuff in general.
This was made in premiere, while the credits where done in After Effects.

The credits are a bit hard to read, I made them the colour and half rubbed out to fit in with the horror style stuff.
Music/sound – Project zero 2/4, Soundbible
Camera – Rachel Ward, My Mother
Places – North featherstone cemetery, Clumber Park, Yorkshire sculptor Park


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