Production house & more typography

We had to come up with a name for our production house as well as decide on the type of font colour etc we wanted to have it in. I first went onto a few sites and have them genourate a few names, from they i made up my own as there came to me.

TIP – keep the name simple, attractive and powerful.
Exsisting names :
Names liked : Retrobee, Majedo, Gizic, Voiro, Jixet, Filowa and sloogan.
Names liked : freezeframe, Filmspin, Artart, braindream, Imaginiz, Videothic, Potatocouch TV, Starsign TV and slyfilm.
(other names for animation)
:Noun liveliness, energy, vibrancy, life, vigor, vivaciousness, dynamism, enthusiasm, excitement, activity, sparkle, spirit
cartoon, moving picture, animatronics, computer graphics, simulation ( )

1. ComputerCartoon (or CC for short)
2. Spiritenergy
3. AnimeToon
4. ToonAnime
5. Active Anime Picture
6. Cartoon Pictures
7. Sparkleation
8. MovieFlash
9. ClickClick
10. AnimateAway
11. Bluesation
12. Flashy
13. Movement
14. ClickThinkAnimate
15. AnimeZZ
16. PointClick
17. DayDreams/ing/ers
18. Dreamsavers
19. AnimateLife
20. Animate4Life
21. Livelife
22. Apple Animate
23. Booklet
24. Open book
25. Pokeimation
26. SliveringSloths
27. MyCartoon
28. Active energy
29. Graphic Pictures
30. Pictronics
31. Ambo
32. LiveNLearn
33. SimToon
34. DrawingAhoy
35. DrawnAlive
36. AnimationBlues
37. SparkleSpirit
38. CompAlive
39. Don’tDoThat
40. Drawings move company
41. YAYDrawings
42. Crazymoves
43. Penguin
44. Artist’s unite
45. Animations4U
46. Animations4U

From name genareter ( )
Skimbu, Leembo, Aido, Vilane, Phototags, Ainder, Skare, Dabbridge, Jaxbug, Mywire
Thought the slogon could help give name ideas out. – Think animation. / Come to animation and lets get it done. / The animation goes straght to your head. / Clunk Click, Every animation. / Animation, it’s everywhere you wanna be. / Animation take me away. / Animation is what we do / Don’t say brown, say animation / More than just an animation. / Show me the animation / I’m only here for the animation. / – The Orange Banana animation Company / White Book animate / The Hamster anime Company
Chosen name : Daydreamers
I chose this name because I thought that since me along with others seem to create what we do though daydreaming and thought that it would fit nicely.

This is what I found while deciding how to make the text work. Also a little bit more on typography – “ whats the diffrence between a font and a typeface? Creative producer Norbert florendo offers a very concise explanation : “A font is what you use, and typeface is what you see”

Eskapade –
Sirba –
Calibri (body) Adobe Hebrew Arial Algerian Chiller Ravie Rosewood std regular

Out of the fonts you can get in word I’d have to say that these two are the ones I like the most.
Ravie Rosewood std regular – A site where you can pick a font, colour, style, height, width etc.
examples – Green 04

Colour on colour (black BG goes with anything)
Yellow on green BG –have hard time reading.

( )

I have decided that the colour of the writing will be blue. The reason for this is because it’s a calm colour that stands out and gets noticed easy. Another reason for this choice is because I have called the production house DayDreamers and feel that it fits the name. Ive also decided that I’ll use the blue red colour combo if I chose to have more then one colour. The reason for this is that I like how these two colours together. I’m also considening using the colours blue and black together because they also work well together. The font is going to be bold to help it stand out some more. I like the ravie and rosewood font because they not only stand out but look kinda creative, they seem more advanturous then the others ive come across. The site cool text has an interesting selection of font to look at, out of the ones you can chose from the ones I like are Quicksilver, Rage, Snowman, Warp, Bad Acid, Frosty and Glowing Hot. Out of the ones I like I’ll be either going for quicksilver or ravie, my reasons for picking one of these is because the Quicksiliver kinda looks like paint and I like the effect it has. The reason for ravie is because its simple yet fancy and I think that it would fit nicely with the DayDreamers name.


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