Animatics are basically storyboards that are animated. They are used to test industry commercials and also preview scans of live action before shot. They also are used in pre-production stages in animation and games. Over the last 10 years, animatics have become more sophisticated, they are also produced with the help of computer animation. Special visual effects are used in high end Hollywood productions. The art from the storyboard is rarely used producing a animatic, usually it’s too rough or not prepared. They can be produced in different ways, they start in a low tech manner. They film or type the storyboard, the footage is then edited to the audio. Some choose to test these by using photographs or video that could have been originally for something else. This is called photomatic, Videomatic or rip-o-matic is a animatic based around repurposed. Some animatic companies have developed their own computer generated 2d/3d art to use. With some figures looking realistic the expense of photographic models for tests are a thing of the past. HyperReal has been developed from proprietary techniques because of the animatic companies for 3d are.

Examples of Animatic



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