Fox walking rope

We have been asked to create an animation from a person/animal and show them doing something. I’m doing a fox walking a slack-rope. The first thing I’ve done for this is look at different foxes both real and animated, this was mainly to see the tail movement as that will be the main focus. I have done quick drawings of the tail moving left to right and up and down. I’ve also looked at how it would look standing and on all fours and made little mini models to help with any movements.

What I found (from Youtube)
Spike meets fox
Desiny Robin Hood
A fox tail (the start and ending)
The fox hunt (Donald and Goofy cartoon)

Using flash I tested out tail movements. Ive also added the tail of choice onto the fox as well as make it move on a rope. It looks a little stiff but thats because I wanted to see how it looked moving across.


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