Food vendor final

Once I had done the planing I drew the sides, front and back, I also made a basic idea of how this would work/move around.


The idea of how this works is that since its themed, it will have anime themed food (mainly movies but series as well). It will work similar to how it does when it's easter or christmas. A example would be that if the film/series had noodles being eated all the time, a theme ect then that's what it would sell.


Food vendor idea drawings

After looking around at other food vendors, I started to think of what do. For a while I couldn’t really think of what I was going to do, so I figured i’d draw some stuff I thought of and then go from there. After that I picked one of my themes, I went for the anime one because I thought that would be the most fun. I did the drawings doing a few things like sitting and walking away so I could put them on the truck. I also did quick scetches to see how it might turn out, this also made me decided to instead of having the characters in full view on the back to have them cut off a bit.


More Lightwave

We played around with how rigs work.
We also had the chance to play around with what we have learned in the other leasons. What I did for that lesson was work on the movements going more smouthly as well as play around with what lightwave had to offer. I also went back to the bones part of what we learnt and tried to make that move better.

Timed drawing

We drew different drawings while given a set time. The first bit was simple stuff like shapes but we didn’t have long to draw them. As the drawings become bigger (like a dinosour drinking tea) we were given more time. After that we were asked to pick something we had to draw and make it into a character. I decided on the Saw, Hammer and Nails.





A couple of week back, we were introduced to lightwave. We have been shown how to animate the objects, parenting, create and use the bones/skelatons feature ect. These are what I have managed to do in this program. I haven’t used this program before now but im enjoying it and hope to improve.


Fox walking rope

We have been asked to create an animation from a person/animal and show them doing something. I’m doing a fox walking a slack-rope. The first thing I’ve done for this is look at different foxes both real and animated, this was mainly to see the tail movement as that will be the main focus. I have done quick drawings of the tail moving left to right and up and down. I’ve also looked at how it would look standing and on all fours and made little mini models to help with any movements.

What I found (from Youtube)
Spike meets fox
Desiny Robin Hood
A fox tail (the start and ending)
The fox hunt (Donald and Goofy cartoon)

Using flash I tested out tail movements. Ive also added the tail of choice onto the fox as well as make it move on a rope. It looks a little stiff but thats because I wanted to see how it looked moving across.

Life/object drawing

Just some drawings I did a while ago, they are of both people and objects.

People from while I was waiting and on the train. Most of these are unfinished because when both the train and people move it can be a pain. train-people-1

These were objects that were placed on a table

Done around the class

With this one I tried to do four different medias.

Mini Brief Food Vendor

The Food vendor, a place for characters to eat and talk along with other things. For this one i’m not sure how I want to go with it, I have looked at different images of places where you go to eat. I do know that I want to try and theme it in some way, im also thinking of having it like a truck/stand. To help with more ideas I’m going to look at unique stands and styles.
these for example

I will also be going back to the previous mini brief (bus stop) and see if I can improve on that.