Bus Stop mini brief

What I want to achive on this mini project is to use different media other then pencil. I would also like to try doing thumbnails instead of drawing the full bigger drawing.

These are the ideas I thought of while I was looking at different sites to help me. I was also advised to think of any games/animations I like if I get stuck for ideas/insperation.
Ideas –
Bus/train/boat stop
Ballon transport
Underwater transport
Some kind of crossover e.g A flying boat
Snow moneals (something to traval though snow with)
A bike stop (moter, pushbike ect)
A sign you press which makes how you want to traval appear
Falling apart shelter
Bambo/vain swing (can climb, swing, slide down)
Some kind of toy/lego way of travel.
The water balls you go in on water
Sky theme airport

Sites looked at


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