Mini brief

OK so a while back we were asked to come up with a idea for a animation. We had to base it off of something that already existed, it could range from books, games, movies, theatre etc although it couldn’t be from a animation. We had to think of a story from the idea picked as well as a pitch. After going though the brothers grimm book I decided on red riding hood.

After writing random ideas for what I could do, the story I went for was one where both Red and the wolf (who in this is human) were famous thieves. A new rare gem has been discovered and both Red and Wolf race to get the gem, Red finds out Wolf got to it before her which leads her to go after him and resteal it.

The way I plan to animate this would be 2d drawn. If I can find anything that involves people breaking into homes/places/safes etc then I will watch and look into it.


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