Mini brief

OK so a while back we were asked to come up with a idea for a animation. We had to base it off of something that already existed, it could range from books, games, movies, theatre etc although it couldn’t be from a animation. We had to think of a story from the idea picked as well as a pitch. After going though the brothers grimm book I decided on red riding hood.

After writing random ideas for what I could do, the story I went for was one where both Red and the wolf (who in this is human) were famous thieves. A new rare gem has been discovered and both Red and Wolf race to get the gem, Red finds out Wolf got to it before her which leads her to go after him and resteal it.

The way I plan to animate this would be 2d drawn. If I can find anything that involves people breaking into homes/places/safes etc then I will watch and look into it.


Animation – Flipbook & stop motion

During our technique leasons we have done a flipbook and a group stop motion.

This is how my flipbook turned out.

This is the group one. It went well and we all did a little bit.”>

Character – Girl&Kitty

After deciding that I wanted to play around with the Badass girl and super cat, I redrew them on Photoshop and gave them colour. At first I tried out adobe photo shop so I could get used to moving it around a little and to see what kinds of shapes I could use. Untitled-1
This is what I got when I played around with Photoshop.
Girlandcat This is the girl and her cat.

I did two versions of the girl, one with her top red and the other with her top white. I’m unsure which one I like more but i’m thinking of going with the red since that gives off more of a danger look.
Girlredtop Girlwhitetop


22 OCT
Everyone listened to each others recording. We were also asked to think of different ideas for scripts.

5 Nov
We worked on the scripts and was shown around the sound booth and how everything worked. We were shown and told about the different mics and shown how to work the sound booth while recording.

12 Nov
We recored the script that we had. We also helped out a fellow student by everyone repeting the word he wanted saying. I also picked up that after recording you have to have the R button not pushed so it’s not locked, in order to listen to what you have.

19 Nov
We finished editing and completed the task.


These are the ideas I have come up with for character design.  So far I like how the bennie hat boy, bunny boy, super cat, badass girl and girl with rabbit have turned out. The ones i’m going to work on and use will be super cat and badass girl.

SAM_7315 Boy and Bennie hat boy.

SAM_7317 Boy2, girl and bunny boy.

SAM_7319 Night girl, thing, birdy, super cat and badass girl.

I like the badass girl and super cat, it was suggested to me that I could have a main and a sidekick to that character. I think i’ll do that with these two.

SAM_7320 Girl with rabbit, random kid, cold boy and the witch twins.

The girl with the rabbit has two different looks to her, one where her face is covered and the other where some of her face can be seen. The dress is different for her as well.


With some of the blogs the images don’t show up, so here are the images that haven’t been showing up.

Technique – The flipbook
Character looks
The flipbook once scanned

Shapes – From when we were asked to draw the five different shapes Ialso decided that I will show these shapes as well. These are all attempts to use perspective in creating objects, they are meant to look like a shape that is in another shape. We also did thin and thick lines, thick lines happen when you can’t see a side of the object.