Like with the sound, I’ll put the techniques together so everyone knows what i’v been doing in this so far.

Oct 2nd-

We looked at the different kinds of animation that have been used. Some of the animations we looked at were Muto, Simons cat, yellow sticky notes deadline, martrix style flipbook , I Met the Walrus and Western Spaghetti. Out of the animations we watched I liked Simons cat and western spaghetti the most.
I found Simons cat to be funny, I like the style that is used and at even though it is basic it shows a lot of expresion. There isn’t much sound to it just a few sound effects but that works in its favour.
The other one I enjoyed was Western Spaghetti by PES. I like at how this is different to what you think animation would normaly be. I like that this feels unquie.
After watching the different styles of animation we were asked to plan and create a flipbook.

Oct 9th-

The filpbook I made didn’t move like a flipbook should, it kept getting stuck and it didn’t move right. It wasn’t themed so we could do whatever we wanted. I first decided on what kind of charatcer look I wanted then the story I wanted to do. I picked my last idea, I liked it and the few people who saw the ideas liked that one too.



Character looks


The flipbook (after scanned) – it’s better to look at this since you can see what is meant to be going on



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