I decided that it would be best to put all three sound lessons so far together

Oct 1
For our first leason in sounds we listened to four different recordings. While listening to the recordings we
had to pick up on if there was any narrative, could any background noise be heard and if any fillers of
effects were used. We also had to see if we could hear if any accents were used, was it a interview, what
questions were asked if any, was a narrator in and how many speakers were in each clip.

Oct 8
In this one we went into groups and recorded the different sounds that we came across and thought would
be a interesting sound. The group that I was in recorded, buliders on the roofs, and music instruments
that were in the church. We also tryed to record and get an echo from the church. Before we went out
and recorded the sounds we were shown the recording equipmeant and told how to work them. We were
also told a bit about them as well.

Oct 15
From the previous week we were shown how to cut and paste the recordings we had. We were also told
about the different effects you could add to the recordings and what you can do to change how they sound. Isolating the sound you want to use was also shown.
We were in one of the soundproof rooms for the most part, while in there the group played around and
tested with the different effects. We got some interesting sounds and used them in differnet orders to try
and get something we liked. Putting all the sounds together didn’t really sound right, taking some of them
out was a better result.


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