The Hepworth & Leeds art gallery

There were two other galleries we visted as part of our induction to the course.

The Hepworth at Wakefield and Leeds art gallery were two galleries we visted on the 26th of September. They both were interesting galleries
filled with paintings, drawings and sculptures. Information about the artists are near their work as well as information about
the work itself.

Both of the outsides at the galleries have something interesting to look at. The Hepworth has a few sculptures while Leeds has a life
sized chess set. Like a lot of art galleries you can’t touch or interact with the work however they do allow you to hear sounds they make.
In the Leeds gallery one of the pieces of work is of a women, the song ‘going back’ can be heard being played before you go into this works
section. The Hepworth lets you put on headphones where the lights artwork was, this allows you to hear different noises

One of my favourite rooms from the galleries is at the Hepworth, the Albert Wainwright section. This selection of paintings show scenes
of everyday life. The exhibition also shows his sketchbooks.

Like at the Feren art gallery the artwork displayed in these galleries can be used in different types of animation.


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