Feren Art Gallery

As part of my induction to my course we visited the Feren art gallery in Hull. This was to gain ideas and research.

At the Feren art gallery there are a lot of interesting pieces of work. There is a variety of different artists and styles so there
is something for everyone. The experience in the gallery was good and a lot of fun.The layout of the gallery as well as the artwork
could be used for different styles of animation. The placements of the different artwork works well because you can see the work
straight away and you don’t miss the work.

Since this was the first time I had been to the gallery I found it to be a nice few hours out. I didn’t really have a favourite artist or piece
of work but I did come across some artwork that I liked. Some of these were Lady Elizabeth Butter the return from the Inkerman, John
Keane fairy tales of london, Laura Knight dressing the children Conroy Madox the theorist and Calum Colvin Siren. All of these are
unique, different and could be used in a different styles of animation.

John Keane fairy tales of london       http://www.johnkeaneart.com/9TheStruggle/Fairy%20Tales%201.jpg

Laura Knight dressing the children http://images.bridgemanart.com/cgi-bin/bridgemanImage.cgi/400wm.FER.751990.7055475/95978.jpg

Conroy Madox the theorist http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_kWOkS8RRnGM/SY2gRnBVzvI/AAAAAAAAA7k/RaE1d-MJgKA/s400/theorist.jpg


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